You’re either a starfucker or you think you might be able to fuck a star one day:

I mean, how can anyone look at a system where Cokie Roberts has two
high-profile gigs, where Luke Russert it on tv solely by dint of his
last name, where the “dean” of political reporters regularly talks
aboutbeing bored by facts and figures,
and not think to themselves “this is fucking ridiculous”? The thing I’d
like to know, and I’ve asked a lot of political reporters but never
gotten an honest reply, is: do many people in the media feel this way
too? And if they don’t, what the hell is wrong with them?

In the first place, plenty of good reporters in small and mid-size markets think the TV/columnist/pundit star system is utter bullshit but are powerless to do anything about it being as they spend every goddamn second of their lives working their asses off in professional environments that would make most of us sick from stress.

In the second place, those higher up who might be able to credibly tell Cokie and Broder to suck it are delusional enough to think if they just keep kissing up and kicking down, they’ll be able to one day join that august company of jackasses who make money yelling at each other on TV and getting invited to parties. So it’s sort of like the class warfare argument. You’re counting on people identifying with the rich because they aspire to be rich someday, and sadly, plenty of people are dumb enough to play that game.


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  1. Is it really that people identify with the rich because they aspire to be rich someday? I keep wondering if it isn’t more about how many “religions” seem to teach that those who have it good do so because God favors them. If you believe that, then you surely have to look up to the wealthy. I don’t believe it at all myself, and I also don’t look up to the rich. Far too many of them got rich by inheritance, by outrageous good luck, and by taking advantage of their fellow man. I’m sure there are wealthy people who achieved their wealth using only hard work and creativity. I hope some day to identify some of that group.

  2. what this boils down to is if you listen to mainstream media not only are you screwed but you’re contributing to the total screwedness of the rest of the country too, right?

  3. Personally I can’t fathom why anyone would go on the Sunday pressers. If you’re already so well-known that you’d get to be a regular panelist, you’re probably making fairly good money anyway, so being presented with the following options…
    1) A leisurely brunch at whatever restaurant your heart desires
    2) Getting smirked at by Bill Kristol
    …seems like a no-brainer.Is a no-brainer. Unclear why we have a giant TV-media-industrial complex to keep people from having a pleasant Sunday morning.

  4. Dumb Question: I a national football announcer said, on the air, that they don’t care for football and found it boring, how long would they stay on the air?
    And what would happen if a football game went beyond the alloted time into the news hour, versus if a news program ran over and pre-empted the first 10 minutes of a football game?

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