Weekend Question Thread: What Are You Wearing?

In the summer my wardrobe goes super-casual; anything I can ride my bike to work in, anything that isn’t in a ball on the floor, basically. I don’t like fuss in the summer, all my heavy vintage suits and dresses and stockings and heels go in the back of the closet and I live in two pairs of shorts and a ratty T-shirt. I think my personal style is “bipolar.”

What’s yours?


19 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread: What Are You Wearing?

  1. Since I spend my life in a constant state of hypothermia, and my office AC isn’t under my control and seems designed to obviate the need for a refrigerator, my summer clothing isn’t really all that different from my winter clothing.
    The hypothermia and my own sense of style (or lack thereof) means slacks and turtlenecks with a leather jacket over. Even in winter, getting me to wear heels is difficult at best.
    Off work, shorts, t-shirts, and bike gear whenever possible. I finally found a pair of sandals that make my feet happy, so I wear those a lot.

  2. Stay-at-home moms can get away with a bit more, though I dressed the same way when I was glassblowing: t-shirts and pants or shorts. These days, the pants have an elastic waist (sigh). Today it’s a Big Easy Rollergirls t-shirt and shorts with my supercomfy Merrell slip-ons I wear a lot now that my feet demand comfy shoes and ONLY comfy shoes.
    I do love dressing up more now, though, which is perhaps a consequence of having two fellas I live with in the house. AND I just got a haircut! I look so cute.

  3. Currently wearing a large cat who seems to feel that the optimal lap time happens whenever I get in front of the computer.

  4. all is weather related. i think i am cold blooded. winter it’s usually 4 layers of long johns(2), turtleneck and wool sweater. tho i can go barefoot during the day.
    summer- sleeveless shirts + shorts. t-shirts are too hot for me. rayon is the coooolest shirts. or linen. yes, buy resale shirts and remove sleeves.

  5. The style is mostly the same from winter to summer (skirts and nice shirts/blouses), but in summer, the leggings (I hate pantyhose) go away, the skirts go billowy, and the sleeves get much shorter. And also, I wear a lot more pink/magenta/light colors. (While in winter I practically live in red, black, and purple.)

  6. in between changes of lounging feline, jeans and an old shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and sandals.
    if I were working for money the jeans would be newer and darker and the shirt would be ironed (and less gappy). And the cat(s) would be lounging elsewhere.

  7. As a retiree, I wear whatever the hell I want to wear. This can be anything from a loose sundress or cut off jeans and a t-shirt in the summer to a loose long sleeved dress or full length jeans and a t-shirt with hoodie. Foot wear: Summer – flip flops (outside) or bare feet (inside); winter – wool socks (inside) or boots (outside.)

  8. Teaching college: Dockers and a golf shirt
    Everything else: Jeans or shorts, t-shirt, sandals or sneakers.

  9. “ratty” is a good description for my at home wardrobe. t-shirts and sweats, shorts, etc. Whenever I leave the house on the weekends, I have to check to make sure I’m not wearing house shoes or parrot poop

  10. Penny loafers, Levis (white/wheat for good; blue for everyday), plaid shirts (Madras in summer; L.L. Bean flannel in winter), the same stuff I’ve been wearing since high school. My kids say I look like the Kingston Trio on some of their old album covers. I don’t believe it was a compliment. But I took it as one anyway.

  11. I just quote Gilda Radner: “I base my fashion taste on what doesn’t itch.”

  12. Work has a dress code–sigh–so my fashion “taste” is…boring. Khakis and shirts with collars.
    And cat fur. Tigger’s got medium length hair and sheds…quite a bit (not that I’m complaining…but sometimes I think there’s enough fur lying around the house to spontaneously generate a second kitty, if spontaneous generation existed.)

  13. if it’s clean and not holed, it’s going to get worn… if it’s not clean it’ll get washed. If it’s holed, it’ll get mended. If it’s too far gone, it’ll get recycled: I’ve got two pairs of dead jeans that are about to become messkit and canteen covers.

  14. I kind of have to second what BuggyQ said: “Since I spend my life in a constant state of hypothermia, and my office AC isn’t under my control and seems designed to obviate the need for a refrigerator, my summer clothing isn’t really all that different from my winter clothing.” (I just had the thyroid test done yesterday, thank you.)
    In summer, I switch to long-sleeved blouses instead of turtlenecks and sweaters, but I generally wear more or less the same things to work, at least. On my off days, I wear whatever the hell suits the weather. Since the weather here can range from -30C to +40C and above, that’s a lot of different clothes.
    Right now, I’m wearing an old pair of jeans with holes, one of my dad’s castoff pilot shirts, a bandanna over my hair, and an ancient red and black check flannel shirt. I was cleaning earlier, and I always like to change into clothes that aren’t going to deplete my work/favourite stuff wardrobe if they get bleach cleaner on them or whatever. Four years ago, I was wearing these jeans to work. Levi’s just don’t last like they used to… 🙁

  15. no, jeans do not last like they used too. i have no dias against holes or ragged edges. but i don’t work work. and at the stained glass studio, no nice clothes on certain days. only on taping days.

  16. Jeans don’t last like they once did.
    They’re not made here anymore, and neither is the cloth they’re cut from, in most cases.
    When I was a kid you could go to El Paso and get “factory second” blue jeans from Levis, Wrangler (remember Sedgefield?) and other makers. No more.
    The Post cotton mill was built in the 1970s and closed less than a decade later. In the heart of the biggest cotton-growing area in the world, there’s only one clothmaking plant — and the Littlefield plant is cutting back on hours and shifts now.
    NAFTA, CAFTA and cheap crap from China are to blame.

  17. My only summer specialty is guyaberas, which are airy and get mad compliments. I’m always surprised I don’t see more of them. They’re ridiculously practical.

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