A Little Congressional PEP

It’s my least favorite time of year at work. We have this fun thing called PEP. Performance Excellence Plan. It’s exactly what you think it is.

PEP. Of all the stupid acronyms. So anyway, I’m bracing myself for the silliness that is the PEP review, where my boss gives me my little review packet, and I get to go through it and say, “Yep. I’m average,” and then I meet with him and we both say, “Yep, I’m average.” Because we’ve been told in no uncertain terms that there will be no “grade inflation” on the PEP. (You have to walk on water, rescue a baby harp seal, clean up a Superfund site, and repair the Hubble telescope to get “above average.”) Then my boss tells me I need to network more, and I think to myself, “Yeah, I’ll get right on that. Just as soon as I get through the four-foot deep pile of data requests I have on my desk.” (Don’t get me wrong–I like my boss, he’s great. It’s the PEP I have a problem with.)

But it got me to thinking…why don’t we have PEPs for our Congresscritters? After all, if I have to suffer through this, why don’t they? Yes, I know, the election is kind of a PEP, but why not give them feedback before the election, while they still have a chance to do something about it? HR always says you have to offer opportunities for improvement before firing somebody, after all.

I was over at Kos the other day and they had a thing about the NY Legislature’s new web site. (Check out the post…it’s really interesting.) To have the ability to comment directly on pending legislation? Wow. I think Congress needs to take a hint. Our president has gotten into the interactive government idea, too, guys. How ’bout you put together something like this? Give each congressperson a handy-dandy website where their constituents can rate them on their job performance, can offer suggestions on specific legislation, can get more directly involved. It might even help dilute the influence of lobbyists (I know, call me Pollyanna…)

Obviously, that’s not gonna happen anytime soon, so in the meantime, how’s your congresscritter doing? Mine, Congresswoman Betsy Markey, would have to work pretty hard to annoy me, since she replaced Marilyn Musgrave, but so far I’m not unhappy. I didn’t like her vote against the Conyers mortgage bill, and I sent her a note about that. Other than that, she’s keeping her head down, which is okay for now. (I’m keeping an eye on her with regard to health care reform…) So, Congresswoman Markey, yep, you’re average. Way to go! Now, you need to network a little more…

(By the way, I checked up on my gal here:Project VoteSmart. A very handy way to check up on your critter’s voting record, stance on the issues, etc. Y’all are probably well aware of it, but I like to remind people these tools exist. Real tools, I mean. Not the “he’s a tool!” sort of tool.)

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