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No matter what rock–or “secure, undisclosed location“–Dick Cheney crawls out from to spin like a Battling Top with regards to torture, he, and those who side with him, are omitting one key, critical element.

It’s not about “them,” i.e., Al Qaeda…or Iraq, or anyone else. It’s about US.

And, we can discern a clear difference–some, like Dick Cheney, support and endorse torture, while some of us don’t.

Aside from the fact that it’s becoming more and more clear that torture was NOT used for any non-existent ticking time bomb scenario, or high level “unknown unknown” nonsense but instead was a convenient tool for someone trying toconcoct a fable about links between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein (i.e., to repeat something I mentioned a few weeks back, obtaining a false confession was a feature, not a bug, in this particular program)…anyway, despite all this, torture proponents consistently fail to note that it’s NOT about Al Qaeda, or Abu Zubaydah, or Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Hell, I wouldn’t piss on either one of them if they were on fire. Both are in custody for good reasons…however, instead of receiving their fair trial, appropriate punishment (assuming they are guilty, which I don’t think is too much of a stretch) and consignment to the dustbin of history (along with Ramzi Yousef, among others)…anyway, instead of the justice they and we deserve, they will be forever known as ‘victims of United States Government sanctioned torture.’

Way to go, Dick. You’ve managed to dirty ALL of our hands, and the little spittle flecked whining aboutNancy Pelosi and what she did or didn’t know hardly matters. The line was crossed, to the nation’s shame.

And your shame too, Dick, if you weren’t utterly shameless.

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  1. Not to mention, because certainly the media fail to mention it, that there were people who DIED while under those “harsh interrogation techniques”, designed to give false confessions to bolster the lies about Iraq and al Qaeda.

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