We Get Reviews: ‘a hell of a story … a passionate work’

Doug Moe of Madison, Wis.’s Capital Times reviews “It Doesn’t End With Us” in his column today:

The more Hantschel learned about the Cardinal’s history, the more she thought, “This is a good story.” She made more contacts while helping to found the Daily Cardinal Alumni Association in the late 1990s, and then, in 2000, envisioning a book, she began to do interviews and archival research. It turned out to be a hell of a story.

“The Daily Cardinal survived two staff strikes,” Hantschel writes in the introduction, “a hostile takeover attempt, a printing press shutdown, a CIA probe, six offices, six dozen leaders, bombs, bullets, tear gas, and death threats.”

There was much controversy over the years, but emotions may never have run higher than after the August 1970 bombing of the Army Math Research Center in Sterling Hall on campus, which resulted in the death of a young researcher. A Cardinal editorial in the aftermath, which expressed regret about the death but cast it against what the editorial called “mass murder” in Vietnam, enraged many. Even The Capital Times attacked the Cardinal in a front-page editorial. Advertisers deserted, beginning a financial decline that culminated years later with the temporary shutdown.

What no one has ever accused The Daily Cardinal of is a lack of passion. Allison Hantschel’s book, brimming with tales of all those young, aggressive, talented, self-righteous, wrongheaded, tireless and hopeful journalists, is itself a passionate work, and rightly so.

If you write a review on your blog, send me a link, wouldja? I like to keep track of these and Google Blogsearch only does so much.

Also, you can now buy the book atBarnes and Noble.com if you are so inclined, at a slight discount through them.


12 thoughts on “We Get Reviews: ‘a hell of a story … a passionate work’

  1. Virgo, I don’t think I was a redhead then, as I was too broke to afford to dye my hair. Might just be the weird flourescent light.

  2. I just got my TWO copies yesterday. I asked for more for Christmas presents. As I suggested I’m going to try to get them in the hands of people who care about newspapering and journalism. I hope you all with do the same. I’m sending one to a Cardinal alumni, one to a newspaper columnist for the LA Times, and one to a senior editor of a magazine. I have met and talked to all three of them and I don’t expect reviews as much as feeding their passion about writing and journalism.
    Those are the other people who say to their buddies, “This is a good story. Talks about the heart of journalism. Pick up a copy, might be good for your class.”
    Word of mouth is great. There is no great big PR machine of Regency press setting up interviews on the Today Show, it’s just us. PR people for these books have 50 books a month to push, they can’t be expected to do much more than the very basics.But we have shown in the past that we are as influential and as powerful at those folk who push dreck from the right wing nuts. We will be offering gold to the weary eyes of readers.
    Maybe we should work on identifying pull quotes like
    “The most gripping read of the year!”
    After we have had a chance to read it we should do a book salon like over at FDL. We won’t necessarily have the traffic they have, but we have US!

  3. spocko I love the idea of a book salon here. We could do that if enough people are up for it.
    TKK, ferret pitchers iz on webz. Not in buk. 🙂

  4. Just got my two copies today. The mailroom guy thought I was loony when I started doing the Snoopy dance while he was handing me the box.
    I’ll be sending one along to my nephew soon. I’ve only read the introduction so far, but day-am, girl, you had me at “There is a Slinky in the ceiling.”
    You have always had, and exhibit it beautifully in that sentence, an eye for the perfect illustrative detail. I can’t wait to read the rest.

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