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  1. Sesame Street, hands down. I used to do Bert and Ernie imitations and, at odd times, would slap my hand on the nearest table and shout “Cookamongaphobia!” and walk away from bewildered family members and their friends.

  2. Sea Hunt with Lloyd Bridges. OK, I did not know that Bridges had named names. I was only seven or eight.

  3. The Howdy Doody Show, even though Clarabelle the Clown was kinda scary. There wasn’t much else in children’s TV in 1950 or so.
    I remember being allowed to stay up late to watch the first-ever broadcast/performance of “Amahl and the Night Visitors.” And I still remember a lot about it.
    Peace, V.

  4. Sesame Street (I still can’t hear the Habanera without thinking about a singing grapefruit), with Dungeons & Dragons a Saturday morning second. I was also fond of the Electric Company. Morgan Freeman will always be the Easy Reader to me.
    On the other end of the spectrum, I found Blinky of Blinky’s Fun Club one of the most terrifying things ever. It still freaks me out to look at pictures of him. And it’s not that I’m scared of clowns in general–no, it’s just Blinky.

  5. ooh, you reminded me. the old muppet show. otherwise i hated most teevee way back when. i was older for the dave allen show. MONTY PYTHON. i can’t think of shows i liked. all those wasted hours…

  6. Six Million Dollar Man. I used to make that bionic noise ALL the time. When Steve Austin met Jamie Sommers I think it was the first time I ever wanted to have a girlfriend. I was 7 years old. Andre the Giant as Big Foot. Oscar Goldman. Dr. Rudy Wells. I had the action figure, the board game, everything.

  7. Captain Kangaroo…and something called Discovery followed by the year, i.e., Discovery 70 (recently found the opening theme and closing credits on YouTube.)

  8. The Real Beanie and Cecil – Puppets,not cartoons.
    Kookla, Fran & Ollie
    but my real favorite was one of the first I laid eyes on, Crusader Rabbit.

  9. Woody Woodpecker.
    when i was a kid we didn’t have tv the way kids even in the ’70s had tv.
    maybe that’s why i have such an easy time turning my back on it completely, having even broadcast-basic cable turned off in 2004 and letting my tv go black, as they say, when the dtv changeover happened this past february.
    i still love woody woodpecker and all the great cartoons that populated the airwaves in the early, mid 1960s.
    hey! you damn kids, get off my lawn!

  10. Bo, thanks for reminding me about Kukla, Fran and Ollie. In its earliest days it was a mere 15-minute live broadcast.
    I’ll cast my vote for Woody Woodpecker, too, along with Heckel and Jeckel. And don’t forget Bugs Bunny!
    Peace, V.

  11. N – e – s – t – l – e – s.
    Nestles make the very best

  12. How now, brown cow! What’s new with you?
    What’s new with me? Well, can I moo!
    Mmmmmilko! Mmmmmmmilko!
    (Blame my mother for that one; she recites it all the time, along with that Nestle’s jingle.)
    I think my favourite tv program when I was a kid was either Battle of the Planets or The Adventures of Hercules. I also quite liked Sesame Street and the Hilarious House of Frightenstein!
    I concur with karen marie, even though I’m not anywhere near as old as she is. We lived in a semi-rural area and didn’t have cable until I was a teenager, and so I grew up with three channels on an average day, and four to six on a good day. So since most of the time there was “nothing on,” it was really easy for me to just shut the tv off and not turn it on again…

  13. Depends on what you mean by “childhood”!! I really loved “Bewitched” growing up, and I remember loving “I Love Lucy” reruns, though now I watch that show and the sexism makes me cringe. I missed out on the whole Sesame Street/Electric Factory thing, I was too old by the time they came along.
    I did watch Romper Room when I was really little, and of course Mr. Rogers.

  14. Toss up between “The Outer Limits” and “The Twilight Zone”.

  15. Going with childhood meaning preteen and at least a little innocence left…
    I could never turn away from Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner cartoons! All other cartoons were lesser. Didn’t do the Banana Splits, or Monkees or other non animated kids TV shows. Was it Kukla, Fran and Ollie still in the late 60’s/70’s? We looooved Speed Racer because it was so different from everything else. Out in the smaller town I was in, we had no idea what any Japanese connection might be… no way us 10 year olds would have believed it was made in Japan.
    Once I was in the Big city of Dallas, age 11+, I fed heavily on reruns of I Love Lucy, Dick Van Dyke, Gilligan’s Island, Hogans Heroes and Gomer Pyle. My favorite of these became The Dick Van Dyke show, probably my inner standup comic trying to break out.

  16. Andy’s Gang with Andy Devine. There was this character called “Froggy” who was totally disrespectful of the adults on the show. The best vicarious pleasure for a young child!

  17. Oh, boy…Bugs was king, Jonny Quest was cool, Twilight Zone and Outer LImits were the best, Dick Van Dyke made me laugh. Later, I remember seeing the old Honeymooners re-runs with that apartment they lived in, and I could not believe people lived in places like that…it was just too weird, what with the sink on the wall.

  18. Ah, yes…”Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!”
    But no, my fav was Captain Video and his Video Rangers. I loved the old Saturday movie serials that were shown as part of the program, some of which were truly weird, not to mention surreal. I saw some of the old kinescopes of the program not all that many years ago, and was amazed at how crude the whole thing was and how really cool it looked to my 7 year-old eyes. And besides, I absolutely loved sending off box tops and getting stuff in the mail. My wife accuses me of having an unhealthy fixation with making sure I sort through the mail every day. After all, one never knows when a wayward ray gun, space helmet, or other long-lost goodie might show up after a stint at the dead letter office.

  19. Oh, Captain Kangaroo for me… Also Addams Family (syndicated at that point or the first re-run go’round), Big Blue Marble, Sesame Street, the 5 O’Clock Movie (where I saw a lot of good pre-TCM showings of old movies), Wonderful World of Disney, and of course, “Bewitched” reruns. 🙂

  20. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Honey West. I don’t think we watched tv until I was well into grade school. And once I was in high school, I loved Fractured Fairytales.

  21. The Addams Family — even my father, who never had any interest in TV, liked that one. Cousin Itt and Uncle Fester, Gomez and Morticia — what a classic.

  22. Supermarionettes Rule – Supercar! But I was more of a primetime watcher, Man From Uncle, and most of all, the original Star Trek.

  23. All of the Jay Ward toons, but my favorite was Rocky and Bullwinkle (and friends)

  24. Dr. Who; Star Trek; Battlestar Gallactia; Thunderbirds; Bewitched; Addams Family; The Munsters; Night Gallery; Twilight Zone; the Phoenix; Man from Atlantis; the sci-fi/horror movies on late Friday night (Hammer Horror Films Rule!) — and the campy fun ones (Plan Nine from Outer Space; Attack of the Killer Tomatoes; Sinbad series featuring the wonderful work of Harry Harryhausen) that ran on Saturday afternoons.

  25. Bewitched, Gilligan’s island, Brady Bunch, Batman. I guess I preferred shows that started with B.

  26. bugs and warner’s were the best. couldn’t watch hanna-barbara. tho would always SLEEP TOO LATE TO SEE THEM!

  27. Space Giants (original title was “Ambassador Magma”), the Bugs Bunny – Roadrunner Show, The Secrets of Isis, Cosmos, Dr. Who, and Battlestar Galactica (TOS).

  28. The preceding comment was from me. Liprap is semi-gainfully employed by and I didn’t notice she was logged in.

  29. Hogan’s Heroes and Robin Hood – I had crushes on Richard Dawson, Bob Crane and Robert Goulet.
    I think I have to go throw up now.

  30. Captain Kangaroo — I loved everything about that show from Mr. Green Jeans and the Dancing Bear to the Magic Drawing Board and Grandfather Clock. I liked Mr. Moose and Bunny Rabbit and even sort of enjoyed The Town Clown (all other clowns including Red Skelton’s creeped me out as a little kid).
    After that? McCloud, with Dennis Weaver. Wild Wild West with Robert Conrad. Wagon Train with Robert Horton. Lassie, with Lassie. Fury, with the horse. The Big Valley with all the Barkley boys, Bonanza with Adam and Hoss Cartwright, Star Trek (the original and the animated series). Cartoons? Huckleberry Hound, Top Cat, Road Runner, Quick Draw McGraw, Tom Terrific, Hot Wheels, ‘Round the World in 80 Days.
    Daytime tv? Francis the Talking Mule movie repeats, the Galloping Gourmet, and reruns of Wagon Train, Fury, Lassie, Sea Hunt, and Star Trek / Big Valley / Gunsmoke/ The Beverly Hillbillies / Hogan’s Heroes.
    When I was really little I loved Jimmy Dean’s show on Monday nights, for the music, and Daniel Boone for the adventures. Until I was in grade school I don’t remember much other night-time TV except Medical Center with Chad Everett, which I liked, and Monday Night Football with Don Meredith.
    Later came McCloud, probably my all-time favorite non-kids show. Likewise Wild Wild West, Lancer, and Jimmy Stewart’s mini-movies in which he played a country lawyer (assisted by Strother Martin).

  31. Robin Hood. Hands down. Thinking of it brings back coming home from school and sitting down with Mom and my little brothers, cookies in hand, to watch it together. We all loved it.
    Did you ever hear the story of the British bride who wanted that soppy Bryan Adams song from the Costner version of “Robin Hood” as her wedding music? I Would Die For You or something like that? So she asked for the theme from Robin Hood and imagine her surprise when she started to walk down the aisle to the bouncy strains of “Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen, Robin Hood, Robin Hood, with his band of men …”. Possibly an urban legend but I’d love to think it really happened.

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