So What?

I don’t get this idea that if Pelosi knew about torture it makes torture okay.It doesn’t. It just makes Pelosi suck. You do not get a free pass if you knew about it and did nothing as a Democrat. You do not get a free pass if you knew about it and approved as a Republican. You do not get a free pass AT ALL. The stupid right-wing fuckmooks pushing this argument can’t comprehend that this isn’t a partisan issue to those of us who truly give a shit about the rule of law.

If Pelosi knew about torture and did nothing to stop it that doesn’t mean anybody arguing against torture loses the argument and should go home and we should keep torturing. It isn’t about Republicans torturing, it’s about America torturing, and anybody who approved of it and/or knew and didn’t stop it should be drummed out of public life forever.

Any other stupid bullshit need dealing with today? Oh, yeah, there’s this:

The tribunal system — set up after the military began sweeping detainees off the battlefields ofAfghanistan
in late 2001 — has been under repeated challenges from human rights and
legal organizations because it denied defendants many of the rights
they would be granted in a civilian courtroom.

In a statement late Thursday, Sen. Lindsey Graham,
R-S.C., called Obama’s decision to revamp and restart the tribunals a
step toward strengthening U.S. detention policies that have been
derided worldwide.

“I continue to believe it is in our ownnational security interests
to separate ourselves from the past problems of Guantanamo,” said
Graham, who has been working with the administration on issues related
to detainees. “I agree with the president and our military commanders
that now is the time to start over and strengthen our detention
policies. I applaud the president’s actions today.”

Graham was an Air Force lawyer and is a member of theSenate Armed Services Committee.

Another member of the panel, Sen.Joe Lieberman,
I-Conn., welcomed Obama’s decision, saying the president “has
reinforced that we are at war, and that the laws of war should apply to
these prisoners.”

You know, in the reality-based community, when you’ve pleased Linds and Holy Joe, you’re having a pretty shitty week.


7 thoughts on “So What?

  1. You know, actually, I don’t think this makes Pelosi suck alone. I think this just blends Pelosi (and other Dems) into the muck of people who knew and DID NOTHTING TO STOP IT, possibly including Obama (who’s not doing enough to make it right by a long shot now).

  2. The suckitude manifest among Republicans (I’m looking at you, Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman) continues unabated. But thanks for the quote.

  3. Can I add one other stupid bullshit thing to the list? The idea that prosecuting possibly guilty parties would “tear the nation apart” or whatnot.
    Things that tore the nation apart literally:
    1. Slavery
    Things that did metaphorically:
    1. Vietnam
    2. Prohibition
    Things that have heretofore not torn the country apart:
    1. Putting asshole lawyers in jail
    2. Almost everything else

  4. Um, (emphasis mine)

    Pelosi has become a lightning rod for criticism from conservatives, and a hero to the left, much as former vice president Richard B. Cheney has become a target of the left and the darling of many on the right.

    Where are some of these lefties so enamored of Nancy? Dan Balz, your meme is showing.

  5. A, if Holy Joe and his Huckleberry weasel friend Linds are happy, you haven’t had a shitty week, you’ve had a FUCKING FUCKED UP week.
    Otherwise? What she said.
    I just want to scream that the debate is what did Nancy know when. Newsflash: Nancy didn’t formulate the policy. Wasn’t hers. She didn’t push it. She didn’t lie about it. If she didn’t try to stop it, then put her on the docket – right after Dougie and Yoo and Bybee and the rest of the torture-enabling lawyertards, and yeah, after Darth and his pet monkey, who you, know, FORMULATED AND IMPLEMENTED THE POLICY.
    It is WRONG. Why do we have to debate that it worked or didn’t work, or that it was bipartisan in it’s evil? IT IS WRONG. End of discussion.

  6. i guess now is a bad time.
    and the republiklans pointing at nancy are throwing up smoke and mirrows to divert our attention from the blabbermouth cheeney.

  7. Exactly. If Nancy was complicit, and she probably was (there’s no other reasonable explanation for impeachment being “off the table”), then she needs to be hanged for war crimes too.
    But AFTER Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Wolfowitz, Petraeus, Feith, Yoo and Bybee are all given a fair trial, hanged and used as pinatas.
    First things first.

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