If Only Someone Would Defend the Spies

Michael Gerson is very concerned about the morale of the torturers:

In a little over 100 days, the Obama administration and the Democratic
Congress have delivered a series of blows to the pride and morale of
the Central Intelligence Agency.

Yes. They stood up to the KGB and got confessions out of real-life Nazis but Nancy Pelosi says one bad word and they’re crying too hard to see straight. Democrats declare that we maybe shouldn’t have tortured so much, and the people with the testicular fortitude to DO THE TORTURING suddenly can’t work up the will to get out of bed.

To stanch the CIA’s bleeding morale, Democrats have tried reassurance. President Obama, speaking
at CIA headquarters, took the Fred Rogers approach: “Don’t be
discouraged that we have to acknowledge potentially we’ve made some
mistakes. That’s how we learn.” Yes, children, hypocritical
congressional investigations and foreign kangaroo courts are really our

He should have punched them in the face and yelled IF YOU WOULDN’T BURN THE POT ROAST I WOULDN’T HAVE TO HIT YOU! I mean, I hate to be rude here, but did I miss the news that all of the CIA ever is in the dock at the Hague? Is it me, or is Gerson just sewing up a scarecrow and stuffing it with straw?

Is there any precedent for a speaker of the House of Representatives
seeking political shelter by blaming national security professionals?

Well, there’splenty of precedent for thepresident doing it, doesthat count?

This guy is so stupid he could get hit by a parked car.

And now Obama has described the post-Sept. 11 period as “a dark and
painful chapter in our history.” In fact, whatever your view of
waterboarding, the response of intelligence professionals following
Sept. 11was impressive. Within days, the CIA had linked up
with the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan and begun preparations to
remove the Taliban. The counterterrorism center run of out CIA
headquarters was the war on terror in the months after the attacks,
making daily progress in capturing high-value targets.

Yes. Like the number three man in Al Qaeda, eight times.

And of course the post-Sept. 11 period was a party-party good time for you, asshole. You’re a white male Republican. It was fucking Christmas morning in your world. Not so much for everybody else.

But this object of praise — intelligence-gathering — is again the
object of liberal assault. “To put the matter at its simplest,”writes Gabriel Schoenfeld, “American elites have become increasingly discomfited over the last decades by the veryexistence of a clandestine intelligence service in a democratic society.”

We’re so hellaciously uncomfortable with the existence of the spooks that we elected one of thempresident. What next, building them statutes?



5 thoughts on “If Only Someone Would Defend the Spies

  1. All the straw men, not one of them with a brain, and they’re *still* smarter than the entire Republican Party put together.

  2. He may very well be a schmuck. But what he is first and foremost is a fuckin liar. He knows fucking good and well that he’s being hypocritical. He just doesn’t give a fuck. And neither do the people who sign his paychecks,

  3. A, interseting discussion on newspapers and internet over here. Start around the 30 minute mark.

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