7 thoughts on “Mockingbirds

  1. A couple of the local squirrels know me, I think. One of them isn’t all that friendly. He usually comes up to my deck and barks until I come out. He won’t stop barking or leave until I give him something to eat.
    I think I’m being mugged.

  2. on ScienceNews.com is an article that some parrots have the ability to move in time to music – which I always thought was a given.
    So I can hear the parrots mocking the mockingbirds – those guys ain’t got no rhythym.

  3. Here’s to the Dallas mockingbird population taking the opportunity to crap all over shrubbie and bean him w/divebombing!!!

  4. Mockingbirds were the bane of our black lab’s life – Sugar was 120 pounds, and could scare the crap out of the UPS guy (he delivered our packages to our neighbor’s house to avoid her), but that mama mockingbird would peck her on the head every time she walked out the front door…

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