Friday Ferretblogging

So a ferret walks into a bar:

Customers at The Railway in Rhosddu were enjoying a pleasant midweek
evening drink and a chat when a furry blond visitor suddenly scuttled
over the threshold.

They could hardly believe their eyes, as the inquisitive animal trotted happily about the place.

The pub has given him the nickname ‘Fosters’ and he is currently being cared for by ferret expert John Rogers.

I’m trying to imagine Riot walking into a bar. He’d most likely scarf peanuts or whatever other human food he could steal until he was stuffed and then find a place to crash:


‘Fosters’ has found his owner again:

Since the story appeared in the Evening Leader last Wednesday, our
newsdesk has been inundated with calls from members of the public who
have lost – or have spotted – similar animals in Wrexham.

Some have rung claiming Fosters as their own, others have reported sightings of unaccompanied ferrets on the loose in the town.

has transpired that Fosters has now been reunited with his grateful
owner, who is 14-year-old Adam Masters – a pupil at Rhosnesni High

The little creature’s real name is actually Fudge.


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  1. The way ferrets waddle when they walk, how can you tell if they’ve had too much?

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