Music That Inspires Such Devotion

Must be something really special:

They played a few more songs anyway. I heart them. It was their last
show of the tour, so they were pretty enthused. They had a
disreputable, mangy, unspeakably soiled stuffed unicorn with them, and
they tossed it into the pit. Within seconds foam innards began to erupt
from the pit as eyeliner-crazed maenads shredded the damn thing. Pretty
soon people were popping up from the pit with handfuls of nappy unicorn
fur, and then some knob boiled forth wearing most of the skin of the
thing like a primeval trophy, its denuded and flaccid head perched atop

Then they kicked their instruments around the stage while a
bunch of dames from one of the opening bands spewed Jack Daniels on the
crowd and bounced their falsies around. At the end the whole band
stage-dived the crowd, who did not tear them apart and wear their skins
(I have mixed feelings on this).

Via, in a roundabout way, Metaquotes.


2 thoughts on “Music That Inspires Such Devotion

  1. Combichrist have some of the best titles in the business. I think my favorite is “What the Fuck is Wrong With You People?”

  2. Combi has great beats and really aggressive sound, but the song-writing, lyrically, is not much to speak of. Oh, and Andy’s a cheatin’ dog. But aside from that, I enjoy them.

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