Sessions’ Statement on Sotomayor

Say that three times fast. Then punch yourself in the head and fall down onto a pile of tacks, because it will be more pleasant thanreading this:

Indeed, our legal system is based on a firm belief in an ordered
universe and objective truth. The trial is the process by which the
impartial and wise judge guides us to the truth.

Down the other path lies a Brave New World where words have no true
meaning and judges are free to decide what facts they choose to see. In
this world, a judge is free to push his or her own political and social
agenda. I reject this view.

That high-pitched whine you just heard, followed by a screech? That was the irony meter burying the needle and then bursting into flames.

Judge Sotomayor has said that she accepts that her opinions,
sympathies, and prejudices will affect her rulings. Could it be that
her time as a leader of the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education
Fund provides a clue as to her decision against the firefighters?

Could it be that your status as a complete and total bologna pony influenced your actions all those years you were giving Bush public tongue-baths in front of whatever microphone you could shove in your face?

While the nominee was Chair of the Fund’s Litigation Committee,[12] the
organization aggressively pursued racial quotas in city hiring and, in
numerous cases, fought to overturn the results of promotion exams.[13]

I managed to get the meter fixed but that popped it again. Damn it. Which is to say, will no one think of the white men? Where is whitey’s motherfucking iced tea, anyway?

I hope the American people will follow these hearings closely.

Oh, me too, honey, if only because at some point you are going to slip and just say what’s actually on your mind instead of cloaking it in this mealy-mouthed crap.


6 thoughts on “Sessions’ Statement on Sotomayor

  1. And of course, no racial barriers exist in Alabama. And the feds haven’t imposed any remedies to correct these non-existent barriers.
    So if the law is impartial, does the racist congresscritter hold that his personal experiences haven’t colored his actions? (pun intended)

  2. Sotomayor will be the sixth catholic on the supreme court.
    Newt Gingrich is a slimy little weasel but he just turned catholic and much as I despise the little turd, he is usually ahead of the curve on politics.
    Now when Roe vs Wade is negated by the Pope’s orders there will be singing and dancing and cheering by all of the clueless.
    But when the major religions and the clueless finally catch on that the laws are decided by the Pope and a Supreme Court that has already proved they regard the constitution as a piece of paper to be ignored at will,
    it isn’t going to be just the snake handlers and holy rollers who go ballistic.
    You going to see Mormons and Baptists and Seventh Day Adventist make a recap of the
    reformation look like a joke.
    5 catholics on the supreme court is obscene. 6 is insane, I don’t care if she is the virgin Mary, this is not permissible.
    If I were catholic, I would move to Paraguay and change my name to Bush or Cheney.
    Stock up on gold, guns, ammo, food and water. It is a coming, people. Wake up, the reformation was not pretty but six catholics on the supreme court is exactly the kind of thing that caused it.

  3. since laws were written mainly by white males. tough luck, if they aren’t good for the rest of humans.
    i think most of the catholics on the supreme court are ‘catholic’ when it comes to the words of jesus.

  4. Part of me’s ambivalent, because I suspect Sotomayor’s going to cruise, and if the Republicans want to immolate themselves, that’s just gravy.
    But I think Sheldon Whitehouse is right: it’s not going to be about stopping Sotomayor so much as it is mainstreaming the idiotic “activist” critique. Which is why it was fun watching Durbin give the finger to the Roberts court.
    SENATOR F****** FRANKEN: comin’ up soon. Oh hell yes.

  5. Great grasp of the facts from Sessions. Sotomayor’s decision to uphold precedent was so colored by her Puerto Rican bias that she threw out the test that would have promoted New Haven firefighter Ben Vargas who just happens to be…Puerto Rican. Somehow I don’t think Jeff Sessions is getting all Spike Lee on us with a discussion of intraracial distinction and status. It’s more like his motto is “Dem darkies are thick as thieves” with darkie covering everyone this side of Pat Boone.

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