Running on fumes

Why just today I read a Palin idolator, after designating Democrats the party of fisting and rimming, uncork yet another wishful prophecy of civil war that would pit Christian gun-toters against heathen Project Runway fans in a blood-cleansing that would restore America to its rightful place in the 19th century.

Wolcott is riffing on a post byDavid Seaton about Palin and demagoguery, but the birther fixation is all part of the same rock soup.

It doesn’t matter if Palin isn’t “smart” in the conventional sense, it doesn’t matter that a third grader could point out the flaws of the birther conspiracy. The point of it all, what keeps it all bubbling, is the elimination of rational thought.

Thepundits andpoliticians jumping on the birther bandwagon aren’t stupid, not at all. They’rejust using the stupidity of the true believers as fuel. Like Seaton says, it’s about mass emotion, not facts. It’s political porn — who needs a plot?
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