There Is Something Sick About Us

That we tolerate this kind of filth on our televisions.

For all the wankery about TV ratings, about strong language and sex and violence and nudity (or as it’s known in the A household, Tuesday nights with Denis Leary) I would submit Neal Boortz’s kind of thing does far more damage to impressionable minds than all of the above.

Time for the next advertiser boycott.


5 thoughts on “There Is Something Sick About Us

  1. I do wish “Rescue Me” would get its grip on reality back a little bit though. This season particularly has drifted waaaay into a male-fantasyland of Tommy getting it from all sides with no real consequences (i.e. drama). Substitute the firehouse for a bar (hell, substitute the firemen’s bar for a bar) and it’s devolving into “Cheers” with multiple sets, swear words, and simulated sex. And I ain’t hanging around if Kelsey Grammar makes an appearance; “The Simpsons” is the only show I’m willing to tolerate that jerk on because at least he always ends up in jail.

  2. I mentioned something at work about watching Saving Grace and a coworker said there was no way she would let her high school kid watch the show. Of course, I happen to know that Fox News is on all the time in that same house so, while no cursing or nudity, the kid is exposed to hate and lies and crapola.

  3. I love that song. When it first came out, some co-workers and I used “yo-di-yo-di-yo” as code heralding the approach of a particularly obnoxious supervisor.

  4. It it is done like how I did it is not an advertiser boycott. You get the advertisers to decide for themselves.
    When you convince the advertisers that the program content is bad for their brand and when they decide that, based on their own stated values, they choose to leave.
    Getting spockoed is the term. I didn’t coin it. Sara Robinson did.

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