7 thoughts on “Joe Wilson Kissed Your Husband on the Mouth

  1. I got “Joe Wilson is an elected official who seems to be using party-line rhetoric as a tool rather than thoughtful debate and is actually hindering real progress in society which is a shame as we’re a smart country and should expect more of the people we elect”

  2. I especially liked: joe wilson poisoned your homing pigeons
    joe wilson got your gramma arrested for file-sharing

  3. let him try getting by without insurance in today’s economy, or a job. Especially without his six-figure income and associated benefits as a member of the House of Representatives.

  4. How do we get it to read “Joe Wilson Hires Illegal Aliens To Mow His Lawn?”
    Well, even if he doesn’t, I’m sure he knows someone who does. I remember a guy from Orange County frothing at the mouth over illegal aliens and guess what – he hires them for his lawncare because he’s too cheap to pay a service.

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