Okay, I will freely admit I gave Bush some shit aboutthe czar business, too. Not because OMG CZAR IS FROM COMMUNIST RUSSIA SOCIALISM CANDY CANES BATS ARE EATING THE SUN, but because being in charge of shit is kind of the president’s job. And appointing a “war czar” was just silly. Paying him or her to tell you the war is fucked up and needs unfucking is sillier still, like, lots and lots of dirty fucking hippies told you that for free, genius.

I get you want to delegate but I also get you can’t hand everything off and say it’s so-and-so’s problem and if things go to shit then you can fire so-and-so and say you did something about the problem. It’s not so much rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic as it is firing the head waiter every time the water rises another inch.


2 thoughts on “Czars

  1. I’m similar (from a couple of decades ago) in that calling everything a Czar seems silly. It makes it pretentious. Why not call it something like “chief advisor.”
    My first remembrance was of the “Drug Czar”. (Does that mean he’s fur it or agin it?). Not to mention that I was a teenager and while I was extremely tight laced, all my friends laughed their heads off at the idea.
    And may I also shout as I want to every time I hear the wingnut pledge: THE CZARS WERE NOT COMMUNISTS BY ANY STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION. THEY WERE ROYALTY. Something about Rasputing and/or the communist revolution.

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