The Off Off Year Election

That’s a helluva lot of offs innit? And, no, I’m not talking about Off to deal with skeeters although we had a pretty darn wet October in New Orleans. But I digress, which is what I do best.

Where the hell was I? Oh yeah, the off off year election. Why is it that the first election after the election of a new President is only a big whoop when a Democrat lives in the White House? The Democrats won the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial (hereinafter goober) races in 2001 and nobody said President Beavis was in trouble. The MSM pulled the same stunt in 1993 and it didn’t mean dick then and it doesn’t now; especially not with the wingnuts trying to purge the few remaining moderates from the GOP. Charlie Crist better stop working on his tan and get to work if he expects to be a Senator.

In Jersey, Corzine was the man from Goldman Sachs who didn’t wear a seat belt when he got in a car wreck. He was about as popular as Lou Dobbs at a La Raza meeting. The only reason Corzine had a chance is that New Jersey is a Democratic state and he’s so tall that some people thought he was an old school NBA great likeJerry Lucas orDave DeBusschere who would rebound and cut the nets in victory. It didn’t happen so now Chris Christie will be Governor. I’m not sure if I like his name although it’s vaguely reminiscent of Dave Davies so it can’t be all bad. Holy crap, another digression. Oh well, what’s a bit of digression among friends, it beats the hell out of regression…

In Virginia, Creigh Deeds was a dull man who had lost a statewide campaign against Bob McDonnell before. It happened again. D’oh. Hell, if they didn’t limit their goobers to one term, Tim Kaine would have been re-elected. Nuts to them. Mmm, Virginia peanuts. (As my NOLA readers may recall, my beautiful and brilliant wife, Dr. A, is from Staunton, Virginia so the Commonwealth has the dubious distinction of being, along with Louisiana and California, a place that I’ve been known to hang my hat, coat and various other garments. Holy shit, I’m channeling oldJohnny Mercer lyrics. End of epic parenthetical aside.)

Like my esteemed colleague Athenae, I’ve enjoyed theGOP clusterfuck in the special election for New York’s 23rd Congressional District. Is it just me or does anyone else think that Doug Hoffman looks like an off the rack waxwork from Madame Tussaud’s? Or maybe Hoffman was prematurely embalmed or something. I’m fascinated that the last non-Republican to represent that area was<drum roll> a Whig back in the days before they whigged out of existence. Speaking of which, that district is apparently on its last legs and is expected to be gerrymandered out of existence so Bill Owens’ life as a Congressman may be a short one but I’m glad he emerged from the scrum with a surprising victory.

Another New York result that tickled me pink was Michael Bloomberg’s getting only 51% of the vote in winning a third term at Gracie Mansion. I did a double take the first time I saw that, which should end some of the bizzarro world speculation about Bloomberg as a third party candidate for the White House. He’s richer than Ross Perot but he’s also colder than a winter’s night in Wasilla, Alaska.

Okay, the results aren’t final in the Maine gay marriage referendum as of this writing but this was never meant to be a comprehensive analysis of the election results. I just wish the cable teevee talking heads and inside the beltway punditocracy would heed the lesson taught by a great American, Tip O’Neill: all politics is local; particularly in an off off year election. Okay, the last bit was mine so I’ll have to buy Speaker O’Neill a round or four some day in the great pub in the sky…

13 thoughts on “The Off Off Year Election

  1. John Garamendi is a lock to win in the california 10th Congressional district. So a net gain of one for the Dems in Congress. Oh, the humanity. How will they recover?

  2. Ah, my friend, it’s even weirder than that. The MSM would have us all believe that the NY 23rd is College Station TX, raving loony right wing conservative, ready to burst with righteous indignation, just with really good long underwear. The reality is that there are some, but not a lot of that, and some old style Republicans, who liked Rockefeller, because he built a lot of roads, and actually there’s lots of union members, many put out of work, through the closing of the Airforce base in Plattsburgh, or because of Free Trade pacts with Canada (which has national health insurance, which cuts the cost of manufacturing).
    I worked the Corzine campaign, in the northern part of the NJ, and while we got our union members out, the younger folks who voted for Obama last year stayed home this time around. NJ is a thing unto itself, and I’ll leave it at that. Please don’t ever mention Chris Christie in the same breath as any of The Kinks again, however.
    Stauton, Virginia is a oasis, one I found driving down the spine of Virginia on my way to Tennessee. Wonderful buildings, some great restaurants, The Stonewall Jackson Hotel (I know, I know, my family was one both sides of that unpleasantness)and miles of scenic byways. Congratulations on your choices.
    If Speaker Tip O’Neill had been running Bloomberg’s campaign, he could have gotten the entire city pie-eyed wasted for half the money, and had a better margin at the polls. I take pleasure in small victories.

  3. Looks like voters don’t like rich dudes as much when unemployment is near 10%.

  4. Y’know, College Station’s not nearly as red as where I live, out in West Texas.
    Just sayin’.

  5. Summary of the elections – the red districts voted red (Better red than dead? 😉 ) and the blue districts voted blue. Exit polls confirmed folks voted on local issues. No referendum on Obama. Ho-hum. However, faux news looks for anything to be able to shriek about.
    I still can’t believe the Scozzafava debacle. (BTW – how come the conservatives don’t insist she change her hard to remember name. With a name like that was she born in the USA?) I definitely see a news value there as it is a question of how strong a hold the ultra-conservatives have on the repub party. Looks like the GNoP is gonna have to change from an elephant to a tea bag.

  6. BTW – I’ve been waiting for a chance to ask what you answered.
    Saw an interview with the Conservative candidate that pushed out Scozzafava. I can’t put my finger on it, but his affect is troubling to me.
    You said waxworks. I think he has drunk the kool aid enough to be in a hypnotic trance. But definitely not an appropriate affect.

  7. The Whigs “whigged” out and it could be said that they formed the Republican party.

  8. Indeed they did, Domino. That’s the brief window (1856-1872) that I could imagine myself as a Republican or at least votin’ that way. Mercifully, I wasn’t alive in the days before air conditioning and rock and roll.

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