First Draft Fundraising Day Three

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The drive continues. Back when we were mocking the Freepi and their Freep-a-Thons, and how they complain all the time about how blogging is so hard and unrewarding, I kept thinking about what a shitty argument that is. Support this, doing it sucks and without your money it wouldn’t be worth it! Plus the real problem with reader blackmail is you can only go to that well so many times, right?

7 thoughts on “First Draft Fundraising Day Three

  1. Tip jar hit. Wish it was more. I love this place, and the Drafters are simply the best. Thanks for Crack Vans and ferrets and rants and Tommy and Buggy and Jude and Adrastos and to everyone for the Afghanistan thing.

  2. Ray, I swear, there are days I just want to hang it up because I read things like that and think, “What’s the point of doing this if I can’t do THAT?”

  3. Hang it up, A? Sounds like tomorrow’s pulp fiction post. Holt foreshadowing, Batman. You can’t even consider it because Jude and I would blow the blog up without you.

  4. A, what I meant was, you do that all. the. fucking. time. and brilliantly too. I could swear he’s ripping off your style.

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