Just Say No to Joe

Harrison in Witness I admit it–this post is purely an excuse to celebrate the hotness that was the movie Witness. I mean really, Harrison Ford, Alexander Godunovand a very young and very adorable Viggo Mortensen? Three men who could actually make those silly hats look sexy…

But I actually do have a point. I remember there being this sort of renaissance of interest in all things Amish after this movie came out. Suddenly quilting, woodworking and homemade lemonade were all the rage.

I think they missed the best part of all things Amish, however, at least in terms of usefulness: shunning. We don’t really practice it in our society, but if it were used judiciously, there are times when it would be really, really useful.

Yes, I’m looking at you, Holy Joe Lieberman. The best response to an attention whore like him is to deny him that which he most craves. I realize this is an unlikely thing–lord knows, I’m not exactly practicing what I preach here–but it’s time for Democrats everywhere to stop pandering to the poop. So, Harry Reid, when somebody asks you about something Holy Joe says, it’s time for you to say, “Joe Lieberman is irrelevant.”

Or, even better, “Joe who?”

And if you appreciated the gratuitous Harrison pic, feel free to signal your favor by donating to First Draft. (Hey, if our local PBS station can air Pink Floyd concerts non-stop during pledge week, why should I remain pure? “Money…it’s a gas!”)

3 thoughts on “Just Say No to Joe

  1. i caught witness on cable a few months back and noticed viggo for the first time post his stardom. yummy. and of course harrison. and purity will make us like the right, BUT joemental is just too whorish. lieberfuckenputz.

  2. The worst thing I can do to our son when he’s behaving badly is just to walk away and leave him no one to argue with. And still I think my 11-y.o. is more mature than Joey the Liar.

  3. The content of your post aside, but good God, “Witness” was, and remains, an unwatchable piece of shit…

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