Friday Ferretblogging

People. Bucky has gotten fat. He is like two of Puck at this point. I would complain, or attempt to exercise him more, but he’s like a ginormous stuffed animal and the colder it gets (and the less the heat seems to work) the nicer it is to have this park itself on your lap all morning:



6 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. Yeah, I know that excess weight on animals is bad for them (like it is for their helper humans), but there is nothing so fun as a chubby chunk of fur cuddling up next to you. As a friend of mine says, “skinny cats are wrong.”

  2. sigh. i miss cats that would go under the covers with me. now THAT is a hot water bottle.
    even basil sees the good of laps now.

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