Have Yourself A Vitty Little Christmas

Diaper Dave has posted a touching holiday message to his constituents. I thought I’d share it with folks who share my opinion of thiswingnut malaka:

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I’m only surprised that Bitter Vitter didn’t trot our his wife and kids to convince us that he’s really a swell guy. 

I have a confession to make, I only posted this because I had a kick ass title but while I’m at it, here’s the late great Lou Rawls:

3 thoughts on “Have Yourself A Vitty Little Christmas

  1. …despite Diaper Dave’s rather bizarre twitchy-faced endorsement, I will still support the Saints (I picture him spending the Superbowl cruising the French Quarter with an armload of beads, anyway)…

  2. Jack, thanks for not taking out Vitty on da Saints. We’ve got noted parlor pink Scott Fujita, after all.
    Pansy: Vitter is totally ruthless and will do *anything* to win.

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