Considering the Alternatives


Just a quick post here on a busy day, but I’ve been thinking: despite the VERY legitimate criticism of the Obama administration from a progressive perspective, I’ve gotta believe thealternativeliterally liars…orworse, their even more dementedtea baggeralter egos — would just. be…

Well, I don’t even wanna think about it.

So, sigh: Obama is merely a lesser of evils…but goddamn if the greater evil isn’t, well…evil.

8 thoughts on “Considering the Alternatives

  1. agreed. As unhappy as I am with the healthcare mess, I’m still glad he’s president.
    There have been some legitimate smaller policy advances made as well. Two important examples: ending the HIV travel ban, ending the ban on funding of needle exchanges. Yeah it’s 20 years late but would NEVER have happened with a Republican whitehouse, or if Clinton had won (per her campaign statements on the latter topic).
    tiny steps tiny steps

  2. considering how pissed the far left is, what are the looney rite so crazee? so far, obama is not destroying the reagan amerikkkka they love.
    oh yeah. he’s black + a democrat. OH NOES!

  3. Then you’re basically worthless. This is no different than a conservative arguing that we have to shred the constitution to protect America.
    If your only contribution to the political discussion consists of hiding under your bed and pissing on yourself out of fear of the Republicans, you’re never going to be willing to make change.
    You can’t be a progressive if you’re too much of a chicken shit to actually work to make change.

  4. He’s a conservative through and through. It would be nice if the Democrats would put forward an actual Democrat one of these days but I guess there aren’t any of those left, just different flavors of Republicans.
    Piss on em.

  5. Stay at home!! Don’t contribute to the DNC or any of the Party organs. FDL, ActBlue, or contributions directly to progressive candidates is the way to go. Primary the Blue Dogs and stay home if the progressives don’t make the ballots. The DNC is counting on us holding our noses and voting for their smug asses. They might turn around if 2010 is a painful election.

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