Party On, Teabaggers

The Tea Party folks are holding theirfirst national convention. They seem to be alarmed about “liberal trolls.”TPM is reporting that Rachel Maddow has been banned from the “tea party nation” email list because she’s supposedly a troll. Rachel may be a librul but she’s also media so one would think they wouldn’t shit in their pants at the thought of her getting the odd email. I wonder how long it will be until TPM is banned as well? Don’t the tea partiers realize that we liberals want them to wreak havoc on the right and damage GOP electoral prospects this year? Go, teabag nation.

Anyway, I’ve signed up for the tea party nutters email list and y’all should too if you’re in the mood to be a troll. I’m hoping to be banned but I’m probably too obscure; just like Jude…< Hardy rim shot>

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UPDATE:Rachel Maddow ain’t no troll. Someone’s using her name to annoy the teabaggerazzi.

4 thoughts on “Party On, Teabaggers

  1. I’ve got to admit that I don’t at all understand the concept of starting a new party by using the starting point of making a list of who won’t be able to attend. Yet, there are reports of the Tea Baggers telling various politicians that they aren’t welcome.

  2. To help you understand… there is no point wasting ones time doing what is important for the nation, and letting someone who is obviously incongruent with ones purpose interfere in ones goal.
    Conservatism is not a concept that needs group think, or group participation for that matter. One is either a conservative or one is not, and many republicans are not conservative. So to weed out those who do not have the stomach for what needs to be done is wise.

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