Friday Ferretblogging: Blogger FAIL Edition

We got a truly awesome amount of snow here yesterday. The kind of snow that silences the city and makes even the neighbors you hate your best friends as they help you dig your car out or shovel off the porch. Instead of pushing them in strollers moms were pulling their kidlets around on sleds. Since I walk to work and have good boots, it was awesome, and I thought hey, I’ll take the ferrets out in it. Bucky first!

No. Like he hated it so much I couldn’t even stand to take a picture of his baleful glare. He backed away from the snow, from the leash, from me, against the wall of our building and stayed there until I took pity on him and brought him inside.

But hey. Puck loved it last year! So I took him out. OH HELL NO. Not only would he not go near the stuff, he crouched on the ground pathetically with his tail the size of a Christmas tree andsqueaked. I felt like the worst mommy on the planet.

I didn’t even bother with Riot.


After all, I need at least one of them on my side or I’ll be outnumbered.



10 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Blogger FAIL Edition

  1. Maple, I thought maybe, but the temp was like 27 or so, okay for a short excursion, and last year it didn’t bother Puck any. I think they’ve become spoiled house ferrets rather than the fierce outdoorsmen they would be if I was not pussifying them with warm beds and treats.

  2. Hi A. Sorry for the threadjacking butthis seems to touch on a lot of issues you’ve covered:

    Think of private-equity firms that close a factory — essentially deciding that the company is worth more dead than alive. Or the New York Yankees and their World Series M.V.P. Hideki Matsui, who parted company as soon as the cheering stopped. Or money-losing hedge-fund managers: rather than try to earn back their investors’ lost capital, they start new funds so they can rake in fresh incentives. Sam Zell, a billionaire, let the Tribune Company, which he had previously acquired, file for bankruptcy. Indeed, the owners of any company that defaults on bonds and chooses to let the company fail rather than invest more capital in it are practicing “strategic default.” Banks signal their complicity with this ethos when they send new credit cards to people who failed to stay current on old ones.

    Just a hunch, but I think credit scores are going to lose some of their mythical aura over the next few years. The big boys walk away when it’s in their interest. Why should anyone else feel obligated to be a sap?
    Funny thing is, the financial services industry is try to torpedo cramdown, regulation and any other commonsense proposal for towing the economy out of the ditch. Which means, instead of having a formal and orderly windown initiated at the top, they’ll get a disorderly and improvised debtor’s revolt among those who are pissed off enough or simply have nothing left to lose. Then again, maybe this isn’t surprising: we all know Puck has better strategic long-term thinking skills than your average Goldman exec (see, I brought it back on topic!)

  3. they are in full stockholm. are they still hostages?
    so tempted to throw a cat in a snowpile. luckily basil is too big to heave.

  4. My wife (separated) said the snow at her apartment was higher than our dog. He’s a little terrier mix so that doesn’t surprise me. But he loves the white stuff.

  5. No they’re not. My dog is Miss Dainty Paws when it comes to stepping in rainy streets and on rainy sidewalks…and then she hit her first snowy winter up north. I will never forget the look she gave me when I opened the screen door to take her outside in the white stuff: “WHY are you DOING THIS to me???”, it said. She did her business faster than any creature ever who doesn’t use an indoor toilet or cat box, then yanked me back home.
    Yes, I have a true Southern dog. Why d’you ask?

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