Quitting Time Booster Shot

Welcome back to the booster where we wonder if the folks at Rosetta Stone will be putting out a language-learning CD on this one…

-Apparently things in Wingnut land were pretty busy over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, because only now havethey gotten around to discovering Mark Fiore and his “how to speak Teabag” cartoon. That said, they’ve got their game faces on, with hundreds of calls pouring in to NPR. The NPR ombudsman notes that their “tom tom was extremely impressive.” I’ve got another word to describe it…

– Tip of the cap to Adrastos for the Arenas note. In a move that I’m sure has nothing to do with his albatross-like, salary-cap-killing contract, the NBA has suspended him indefinitely, thus opening the door for the Wiz to cut him via a moral turpitude clause.

– In another DC-related story, J.W. von Brunn, everyone’s favorite elderly racist, died of “natural causes” the other day. What really caught me was this line high in the story:“On June 10, after double-parking his car outside the museum, Mr. von
Brunn walked up to the building carrying a rifle and shot Mr. Johns in
the upper chest at close range as the guard was opening the door for
him, the authorities said.”
Yep. That’s big city life for you. The fact the guy tried to take out as many people as possible in the Holocaust museum isn’t at the front of that crime-related sentence, but rather that he FUCKING DOUBLE PARKED! HOW DARE HE! THAT PRICK!

– From the department of “Qua?“: Walmart and H & M in NYC have apparently been throwing out massive quantities of clothing AFTER PUNCHING GIANT HOLES IN THEM to make them worthless. There’s not a charitable organization that could take them? My grandmother’s neighbor used to do crap like that when she cleaned out her attic. She’d cut holes in furniture, break electronics by stepping on them or pouring water in them and more. Once, my grandmother even noted to her that she’d like to have something the woman was throwing away. “Mmmhmmm.” the woman said as she cut holes in the lawn chair. I don’t get either instance, but at least in one case you can blame it on the weirdness of an individual. What the hell is up with Walmart?

Tip of the cap to The Hawk for making the Hall. I saw clips of him play when he still had knees and man, it was something to behold. Even more, the clip of him getting drilled in the face after hitting a homer in the previous at bat was horrifying. Let’s hope he goes in as an Expo, as it’s great seeing people getting in from teams that no longer exist. It’d be awesome if a Seattle Pilot could make the hall one day.

p>Thanks for letting me share your air. If I’m not dead, I’ll be back next week. (h/t to hoppy)


4 thoughts on “Quitting Time Booster Shot

  1. I hadn’t heard of the cartoon. I love it. And I love the comments on the linked story:
    One person said of the cartoon, “but I am tired of getting slammed for disagreeing with the government”. If that is your complaint, how do you think I’ve felt for the last 8 years?
    Another complained about using the name “Tea Baggers” even though the cartoon uses “How to Speak Tea Bag,” “Tea Bag” is the self issued name of the group, and the strip nowhere says “Tea Bagger”
    You’re gonna have to start wearing a radiation suit for the QTBS !

  2. the teabags have the right idea, but they need to be informed who their enemy really is. big banks, lobbyist and REAGANISM.

  3. If Hawk doesn’t go in as an expo, it would be criminal. Likewise Tim Raines, if he gets in – which he should. I love that Carter went in as an Expo in spite of getting his World Series ring with the Mets.

  4. Actually noticed that Tony Perez went in as an expo. WTF did the Reds do that he blew them off after 14 years with them he went into the Hall as a member of a team he was with for only three years?

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