Weekend Question Thread

Do you have any major uncompleted projects?

I have about four chapters of a novel, in bits, and the first eighth of a short story, on my hard drive, sitting there accusingly, asking me why I’m screwing around on Facebook instead of working on them.


22 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Research. Data sets are piling up by the ying yang and I don’t have the intestinal fortitude to get working on them.
    I’ve also got some work to do on The Classic, but it’s freezing in the garage and I lack the money for certain parts. Once the weather warms up and I can squirrel away some cash, she’s getting a new radio, new window weatherstripping and perhaps a nice set of dual exhaust pipes…

  2. Over four years ago we bought a condo, which needed some major renovation to be livable. I did all of the big jobs, new kitchen, remodeled bathrooms, fixed up closets, new floors, new stair railings, etc. but then we moved in. It needs repainting badly, and I swear, some day I will do that.
    It reminds me of the first house we bought, when we remodeled the kitchen before moving in, but couldn’t afford a dish washer. Three years later we installed one, and a month later sold the house.

  3. Lots of work needs to be done on our apartment in our house, especially on the kitchen and the bathrooms, which might as well be the whole apartment. Lot of books yet to be read, lots of cross-stitch yet to be done, and, well, can’t decide if life feels interrupted or done over with a child in my life since 2002 or so. Just sayin’.

  4. All of my major ( and minor) projects are uncompleted projects. I have a partial list that I will someday complete so that I can keep track of them all.

  5. I have a novel I’ve been working on for over 5 years. Which is sad. I was thinking it was 3 years but this morning my writer’s group corrected me. With a very stern look, I might add.
    So this is the year. I finish it this year or dump it.

  6. hoppy —
    The very first house I bought needed new carpeting when I bought it. Previous owners had dogs who had peed everywhere, there were big giant stains, it was awful. And yet, I lived there 9 years and never got around to it. Then I was getting ready to sell the house I got the new carpeting. It sold the first weekend it was on the market.
    Learned my lesson then. I could have had beautiful carpets for nine years but nooooo…

  7. i have to rework my corn silk painting and i got a spring painting in my head and PLANS + MORE IDEAS. need to get off the puter.

  8. it took us years to remove the 60’s orange deep pile wall to wall + other wall to wall rugs. did FINALLY repaint first most before. the orange was EVERYWHERE. when we finally got it off the stairway in the middle hall, most of the previous owners was finally exorcized(they were catholic).

  9. all of my projects are unfinished. Its why I liked being pregnant and having children–it was the one project that finished itself, even while I slept. I loved that aspect of pregnancy and although there’s a lot more work now that they are children still they actually handle all of the growing up on their own. Unlike my dissertation I can put them down somewhere and discover later that they have changed and evolved without my input.

  10. you mean other than my life? I own a house,so everywhere I look is an unfinished project. The major list is down to about 6 things to do

  11. My whole life is one big unfinished project, metaphorically and literally.
    But, then, no money and no work space has something to do with that, I suppose.

  12. Everything in my house is an unfinished project. We wanted to expand a few years ago and actually had some foundation poured for a new garage and the connector area between the house and the old garage was poured to be a big kitchen. Then we ran out of money. Haven’t had enough since then to finish this. Inside the house we are systematically working down the hall. Have gutted and redone completely two bathrooms. Slate tiled one room and hardwood floored two other bedrooms, still have a bedroom and the living/dining room to wood floor. The hallway and living room/dining room are still the 60’s crappy paneling that is slowly being replaced with sheetrock and nice paint. I wonder if we will live long enough to finish? Money would be a huge help. I’m very lucky that my husband is able to do all this stuff by himself. If we’d had to hire it out, it would never have happened.

  13. I have piles of yarn projects to work on and boxes of beads to sort and organize so I can find things when I want to make something. But the thing that is haunting me today is a book typing project for a friend. I really need to finish it for her, so she can use it in a class she teaches.

  14. I have a couple of half finished novels that I keep meaning to get back to but don’t. It’s the price I pay for having bought a small business 1 year before the economy tanked. Now I spent much of my energy trying to stay afloat. I do, however, have blogging as a creative outlet, which keeps me as sane as I’m ever likely to be.

  15. I dreamed up an all time great sales item.
    Unfortunately,I went totally insane and it will never happen. So simple, but so profitable.
    Wish I had thought of it in the 80s when I was hauling down 6 figures after tax. C’est la vie.

  16. …just moved up into a temporary promotion to fill a recently-vacated position. My personal ‘to do’ list of uncompleted projects went from my own personal comfortable ‘zero’ to a newly unreal ‘your life will totally suck’ so quickly that I may never recover from the shear reality of the experience…

  17. Procrastination can be our friend. I’ve got to finish the third edition of my monograph on stagecoach travel west of Chicago from the 1830s to the 1850s plus whip up a Keynote presentation based on the book by mid-March and get my half of another PowerPoint presentation on antique ceramiccarpet bowls done by early June. I’m about done with the monograph; just working on the index now. But the presentations are sitting there, staring at me accusingly. Meanwhile, I’ve been called back to work out of ‘retirement’ because most of the staff either has recently delivered a child, developed cancer, or had a family member develop cancer. And its cold and if it snows just ONE MORE TIME I’m going to lose my mind.
    So today I’m watching football and plan to enjoy the baked sweet potatoes and baked ham Ms. RAM’s making for Sunday dinner while reading the latest issue of Analog and finishing up a good Charles Todd mystery.

  18. Oh, nothing much. Just a master’s degree I’ve been ABT on since 1996.

  19. Working on the cottage at the FFarm which is never ending, but a labor of love. At least I’ve put a notch in those enormous heating bills there by getting the insulation done.

  20. My entire life is a series of unfinished projects but just as well – when one’s life/”to do list” is finished, one is dead. The object of concern might be better directed to those projects that are unstarted…

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