People. Today is MARMOT DAY.


Because there are no groundhogs in Alaska – yet three other species of marmots call the state home – it makes sense the ground squirrel become Alaska’s version of Punxsutawney Phil, the Pennsylvania groundhog famed for his winter weather forecasts.

“I’m happy to put the spotlight Feb. 2 on our own Alaska marmots that can be seen throughout the state welcoming us to warmer days,” Menard added.

Although the bill doesn’t give marmots any weather forecasting duties, Menard hopes the state will create educational activities around the animal.

This year, Mat-Su Valley’s KMBQ radio station will hold a special event, along with observances in the Mat-Su School District and the Alaska Zoo.

Locally, Menard will incorporate excerpts from the children’s book “Gimme, Gimme Moocher Marmots,” by 14-year Douglas resident Cindy Burchfield, in her presentation Tuesday to the Senate.


I don’t even know what to do with that, it’s so awesome.


6 thoughts on “People. Today is MARMOT DAY.

  1. GIMME GIMME MOOCHER MARMOTS is gonna be in my head all day. Speechless from its beauty, I am. Just speechless. Like Gitcha Gitcha Ya Ya Da Da…

  2. Um, Alaska does have groundhogs. The species name for the groundhog, aka the woodchuck, is Marmota monax. Its geographic range reaches well into SE Alaska. It is also a marmot, like the other species in the genus Marmota that occur in Alaska.

  3. In fact, Burchfield said the marmot is responsible for the home she has today.
    “When we were looking for houses, we drove all over Juneau,” she said. “When we saw a marmot eating grass on the side of the road, we knew this was a good place to call home.”
    So, you’re like telling me that you chose your home-site to steal habitat from the Marmot?
    How Palin like, as the image of Palin declaring a Marmot day instantly brought up the image of the turkeys she pardoned in the background.

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