Saxby Chambliss: He Yis What He Yis


Amoran, reduced to pathetic allegations when it comes to acknowledging that gays and lesbians, OMG, serve in the military. Gee, who would’ve thunk that it would all lead to drinking beer…oradultery, Senator McCain? Or, even worse…body art?

But beyond the immediate matter of righting a particularly stupid wrong, gay rights issues are an excellent example of how progressives can lead, and well, win…provided we don’t go around apologizing for being right. Look at how the political landscape has evolved from as recently as 2004, when gay marriage was allegedly a wedge issue and (as always) “good news for Rethuglicans.” These days, the trend is towards tolerance. When even a football player–New Orleans Saint Scott Fujita (Geaux Saints!)– publicly states his support for gay rights–it’s difficult to deny that change is in the air.

This is not to say gays and lesbians enjoy equal rights or that things are just fine. Not at all. However, there’s been a definite change, and one that serve as a blueprint for more progressive ideas being accepted as not only right, but beneficial to us all.

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