All We Can Do is Keep Breathing: Caprica Thread


Hottest. Space. Marriage. Ever.


Amanda’s watching the home movies in her bedroom: Lacy gets shy about
the camera and puts Zoë in front of it, and Zoë — wearing a gold
infinity pin on her sailordress
— talks more crazy cult talk about how their lives are about to
totally change, and also that she is a very pretty girl. Amanda weeps,
and then Daniel shows up in the bedroom looking drunk and nuts, and
without prelude he asks why she even wants to go to the ceremony. She’s
not sure why. Daniel flops down on the bed by her — this scene is the
best scene in the whole episode, I think — and nearly starts crying
when he tries to explain. “I don’t want to think. I just feelawful,
and angry, and numb, and…” Amanda asks who on earth he’s mad at, and
she cries listening to him: “Everybody. And everything. Myself, and the
world. Her.” Amanda can’t even really hear him say that last one. It’s
too true. It’s too unbearably disgusting.

You know, whenever anybody on this show goes on about how such a sweet innocent child (whether they’re talking about Zoe, or Lacy, or Ben, or whoever) couldn’t possibly be a terrorist, I wonder if they’ve evermet any teenagers.

6 thoughts on “All We Can Do is Keep Breathing: Caprica Thread

  1. Growing on me, too.
    And Zoe’s going to need therapy after having to watch her parents…do things.

  2. HOLEY SCHNIKEYS!?!? Is that Eric Stoltz??? YUMMEH! Dang…
    Sorry, estrogen overload, what was your question???

  3. Athenae says:

    Elspeth, when he was young he looked EXACTLY like my oldest cousin, who was like my older brother and therefore impossible to crush on without feeling pervy. Now, though, he’s all lovely and elegant and that VOICE.
    Yeah, I’ve forgotten my question, too.

  4. BlakNo1 says:

    Apparently, the only hangups that Capricans have are about monotheists and people from Tauron.
    I’m guessing that Zoe stops Sam from ‘balancing’ things out somehow.

  5. Um, checked out some Caprica pics on IMDB…wow, even Esai Morales is now on my radar…he looks like a man now. I never was into the stringy kid look he had going. In a suit, and now filled out – nice!

  6. There’s some serious estrogen overload going on here!
    and yes, this is yet another well crafted SyFy show.

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