Friday Catblogging: Blast From The Past, Take Two


There were a lot of tortie fans last week so here’s a blast from the past, catwise. Window, the tiny tortie pictured above was originally Dr. A’s cat. No strike that: she was a hand me down from her kid sister who lived in a dorm at the time and named the illicit kitty Window so that they could talk about her. Kid sister was busted and the rest was history.

Window was a tiny terror and mischievous to the core. She was exposed to a mean, hissy tom cat as an impressionable kitten and she later imitated his behavior with our other cats. It was hilarious to see her intimidate cats twice her size but she *loved* people until she left us some 8 years ago. We still talk about her exploits as if she were still around. She was a little cat with a big personality. In short, a classic tortie.

11 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Blast From The Past, Take Two

  1. Torties have ‘tude in bucketloads. My great-grandparents had a few semi-feral cats at their place in the country. A few were torties and one in partic (the matriarch of the group) had a thick black horiz stripe at nose level…her name (naturally) “Miz Groucho”… 🙂
    Window looks like a total love!

  2. My Pippin has a dollop of tortie in her, it shows more in her personality than in her markings. A curious cat indeed…I’ve some pics if you click on my link below.

  3. This is good to know. I thought it was just mine. She showed up at my door, a wee, homely thing who looked so pitiful and tiny I named her Molly. Within a few days her natural sense of mischief had asserted itself, and she was renamed Mugsy. Now we sometimes call her Satan. Every morning the husband carries her tenderly down the stairs, and she sits in his arms looking like the queen of the world, delighted with her game of “either carry me down the stairs or fall down them–your choice.”

  4. cattitude? here’s a recipe for bucketloads of that:
    90% Lynx-point Meezer, 10% tortie (Both of my meezer girls have red/brown calico patches on their otherwise gray back feet) and a disposition that ranges from sweet and placid but then swings wildly to being as frenetic as a thundering herd of ferrets on crack…

  5. And Window, as evinced by this picture, was a gorgeous little beast if i do say so

  6. I have enjoyed the company of many bitchy cats. It’s a special gift, isn’t it? And they were every last one of them female. All my male cats have been pretty mellow and/or too lazy to bother with politics/power struggles.

  7. When my tortie Alice Springs was about a year old, I tried to adopt a second kitten. She kept trying to kill it, even after I had locked it in the bathroom. She spent that night trying to jam her arm under the door to get at the poor little thing. Her vet told me that torties are genetically predisposed to hate other cats.
    Otherwise she was a beautiful and loving cat. It’s been over ten years since she went to kitty heaven. I have two other cats now, but she will never be replaced in my heart.

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