Quitting Time Booster Shot

Welcome to the booster, where our week was pretty much like this…

– Bad week overall: The Midget had a cold, the Missus was
sick, school started and I ended up almost cutting through the tendon in my
thumb while working on The Classic. Is there such a thing as a reset button on

– From the “Yeah, I’m a guy, here’s my guy cred” file: You
think to yourself, “Doc, how does one end up almost losing the workability of a
digit?” The answer is pretty simple. I was trying to pull part of a window
lining down into the deepest part of the door’s well and it wasn’t going well.
I then followed my grandfather’s philosophy of “If at first you don’t succeed,
hit it with a bigger hammer.” I grabbed a pair of pliers and tried to yank the
lining down harder. Thus, when the pliers slipped, I smashed my hand onto the
edge of the door’s sheet metal and sliced a quarter inch deep gash into my
hand. Of course, I was more pissed than anything, so I grabbed a rag, taped it
to my hand and finished the job. When the Missus saw it, she almost killed me,
but by then it was too late to get stitches. Should make for a very unusual

No brain cells were used in the making of this statement.

– Apparently the Missus not only thinks I have a great life
insurance policy, but that it will pay off if I kill myself. Otherwise, there’s
no justification for what happened Thursday night. I got home from night class
and we decided we’d watch some TV. The deal was simple: She could watch Gray’s
Anatomy, we’d take a break and catch the fourth quarter of the Cavs/Heat game
and then we’d catch the TiVo’ed version of Private Practice. If you watched
Private Practice, you know what happens next: Twin girls with cancer, the
parents have a baby for the cord blood to save them, there’s not enough cord
blood to save them both so they have to choose. When one gets sick, they tell
the healthier one she’s getting it and her sister is going to die. The healthy
one looks up, hugs her sister and tells the doctors, “I can share…” Had the
Cavs not won, I’m quite certain my head would have been in the oven by 11
p.m…Jesus, who writes shit that’s
that depressing?

– From the “And the Taxman cometh” department: Sarah Palin
didn’t pay taxes on a couple cabins built on cabins built on two backcountry
plots that she partially owns. While Palin says it’s not her responsibility,
the folks who deal with the tax assessments say it’s STATE LAW to report this.
Why would we expect her to understand the state law in the state she once ran?
C’mon… For her part, Palin has been grousingabout the various forms of “gossip
crap” in the local papers.

– Apparently, thepaper at Abilene Christian University is
angling to be the first student newspaper to publish specifically for the iPad
Are we ever going to learn that it’s not about the toys? Also, can anyone do
some research and find out if anyone’s publishing their school paper on papyrus
or adobe (the clay, not the software)? Much like Randall in “Clerks II” I’m
taking it back. Cuneiform, here I come!

– And finally, I respect and like the dignity and grace by
which he has operated for years, butwhen it comes to this, Tony Dungy can respectfully
and politely go fuck himself. Go Saints!

Thanks for letting me share your air. Be back next week where I will likely be typing with one hand, if things continue this way.


4 thoughts on “Quitting Time Booster Shot

  1. Doc,
    It was Dungy’s “no way” speech about the Cowboys beating the Saints that Wade Phillips played before practice every day the week before the game that, according to Keith Brooking and Tony Romo, motivated the
    ‘Boys to play what was probably their best game of the season in New Orleans — and beat the Saints, for the first time any other NFL team had during the season.
    I sure hope Sean Payton’s smart enough to use this clip the same way!

  2. RE: Palin’s taxes. I kind of wonder how the Tea Baggers would take this. On one hand, she appears to have used various illegal means to dodge taxes. But if one is a tea bagger, wouldn’t that be an honorable thing?

  3. hand scare rarely last. i stabbed my palm doing dishes. gone. i cut about a deep straight thru the middle of my left pointing finger w/ a box cutter(not art school!). i bandaided up. did not lose squat. no scar. then there was the baby sitting wound with a serrated knife and a stupid kid. gone as well.

  4. Re: Saints (WHO DAT?!?!?) and the phony ponies – my Dad’s suggestion is that the Saints just imagine the ‘other’ as post-Federal Flood FEMA agents and just cream the crap out of them (in legal hits, mind you). I liked that image.
    Our Town*, Our Team, Our Time!!! WHO DAT?!??!
    (*=well, not my official town, yet…but that’s in progress, the regulars know what I mean)

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