20 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread: Our Sucky Economy Edition

  1. New bathrooms and a new kitchen. Our house is old. It would cost, conservatively, in the tens of thousands. Our attic room ought to be thrown in, too, as lagniappe at that point – at least some new flooring up there.

  2. A new car for my wife. Hers is 12 years old and she drives it constantly to go to her various clients’ houses. I’ve been out of work for 8 months.

  3. A new mattress would be the first thing bought; but I also would like to replace an office chair, the stove and refrigerator, toaster oven, microwave, TV.

  4. Dental insurance comparable to Kaiser, and a new computer for my wife. Hers is now so old it still runs on oats.

  5. You know? I am super-lucky, having a good job and a good living situation (live in my mother’s house–albeit being her caretaker, but it is still payment free)–I can pretty much afford most anything I want. However, I am not buying whatever I want because who knows if I will still have the good job? So I keep my money in savings and just buy what is necessary. Well, I do count booze as necessary…

  6. Happiness. And if I’ve got any money left over, love, though I suspect the CW re: the buyability of the latter is a little more solid than that of the former.

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