7 thoughts on “Super Van

  1. is it over?
    i felt that the saints would win like whne i KNEW the brewers would go to the world series, clinton would win and the packers were gonna win da sooper bowl.

  2. YES YES YES YES! Nothing more exciting than listening to the INT on the radio on the ride home. Of course, if Marv Albert called the 2 pointer “controversial” one more time, I swore I was going to drive down to Miami and do something “controversial” to him…
    Con grats to New Orleans.

  3. Missed the van, but I bet it was fun.
    Saw the last 3 quarters of the game.
    Kinda liked the ad for the Charger, myself, but I’m a Dodge fan from ‘way back.
    New Orleans Saints, NFL Champions. That’s actually pretty damn cool, y’all.

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