Your Tea Party Coverage Won’t Get You Into Heaven

Something that bugged me all day yesterday is the idea that this nonstop tea party convention coverage was some kind of attempt to no longer ignore all those rich white middle-aged folks who’ve been ignored for so long in American society. An attempt to cover the concerns of those whose main concern is bitching about their concerns not being covered. An attempt to do what teabaggers like to complain people in power don’t do: actually listen and respond.

I mean, logically, someone’s chief beef is that you don’t pay attention to them, so you pay some attention, and then they’ll see that you’ve done that and stop accusing you of not paying attention. Stop calling you biased. Stop calling for you and all your colleagues to be murdered in your beds.

At least that’s how it would work on Reality Planet.

Not so much, onTeabag Moon:

Conservative publisher Andrew Breitbart had some harsh words for
media members Saturday saying, “It’s not your business model that
sucks, it’s you that sucks.”

Addressing the National Tea Party
convention in Nashville, Tennessee, Breitbart accused the press of
“contempt for the American people.”

“In order to create the
perception that the minority is the majority and the majority is not
just the minority, but a bad, racist, homophobic, all those buzzwords
that they learned in the freshman orientation class at Wesleyan, are
used as weapons to try to destroy you and intimidate you to not speak
up and to speak your mind,” said Breitbart to an enthusiastic crowd.

“And your days of doing this are over”

Whine, whine, whine:

Berman showed how attendees shared the bizarre assessment, running
soundbites of a man affirming “I believe he is a socialist ideologue”
and a woman asserting “You just read his history, he’s a Marxist,”before finding another man to agree that calling the President’s supporters illiterate “was probably a little harsh.”

Berman concluded: “One of the goals of this convention is to turn this movement into a political force. The question is, does the harsh rhetoric keep them on the fringe?” Sort of like the media’s condemnation of Americans with which they disagree marginalize their influence?

On the up side, at least ABC News sent a reporter to cover the
convention, unlike CBS and NBC, neither of which have covered it this

Right. They sent somebody, but they weren’t uncritically praiseful, so OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! No matter how many reporters you send, it isn’t going to get them to stop saying shit likeRope, Tree, Journalist. It isn’t going to stop them from blaming you for everything from Al Gore’s fat gut to the record snowfall on the East Coast to the fact that onion dip has calories in it. It isn’t going to make them calm down and they aren’t going to be able to see how very, very hard you’re trying because YOU ARE BESIDE THE POINT.

I keep saying bullies don’t bully to improve you, they bully because that’s what bullies do. You can change your clothes, change your hair, agree with everything they say, give them your whole week’s lunch money at the start of the week. They’re not going to stop. You’re incidental. It’s not about you. It’s about them, and the unholy rage they need to keep fueling to stay awake in the world. There is nothing you can do to please them because to them, you barely exist.


5 thoughts on “Your Tea Party Coverage Won’t Get You Into Heaven

  1. So, “Wesleyan”? Is that code for, like, lesbean?
    Is this the guy kind of famous for his women issues?

  2. helena, book learnin’ makes you a pussy. We all know this. You should be out hunting squirrel for your stew. Just like Andrew Breitbart:
    Mr. Breitbart grew up in Los Angeles. His father owned a restaurant, mom was a bank executive. At Brentwood High School he watched administration types socialize with certain parents in the entertainment industry. He got C’s, played baseball, was a class clown, but hung out with the smart kids. He always suspected that school had been against him, a conspiracy theory that was eventually confirmed by a friend’s mom who confessed to him that the principal had called her into his office to turn her against the young Breitbart. This, he says, was the beginning of a lifelong crusade against bullies.
    “Aren’t you the Hollywood guy,” said Williamson Evers, assistant secretary for the Office of Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development at the Department of Education. We had finally arrived at Weekly Standard party which was, Mr. Breitbart agreed, pretty Hollywood in its excess. Four floors, every kind of booze, flamenco dancers, a cigar balcony.


  3. Even when the right-wingers had the whole government to themselves, they were still whining non-stop.
    Folks like Breitbart can’t help themselves. No amount of attention is enough, no amount of money is enough.
    This is the well-to-do instant gratification demographic all grown up and ready to dive into politics, and when they prove, over and over again, that they’re just selfish assholes, they still take great umbrage when it’s pointed out to them.

  4. “…bullies don’t bully to improve you, they bully because that’s what bullies do. You can change your clothes, change your hair, agree with everything they say, give them your whole week’s lunch money at the start of the week. They’re not going to stop.”
    Which is why a fast, hard punch in the mouth, followed by some kicks in the ‘nads are what is required. Give ’em something real to whine about, and make it clear even to a submoron of a bully that you’re not a ‘soft target’.
    Oh, yeah, all antiseptically verbal and political for us grownups, but the idea is the same.

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