4 thoughts on “Authoritarians

  1. MapleStreet says:

    Can I suggest that this is the expected outcome of the race to appear the most extreme in being “tough on crime”.
    We need more severe sentences for X. At first, X is something which people agree is “bad” but X then becomes increasingly more inclusive of a wider range of infractions.
    War on Drugs – let’s arrest a girl who gives a friend a motrin. Zero Tolerance.
    Keep our kids from sex. Let us forbid kindergarteners holding hands.


  2. pansypoo says:

    they like to think they are bigger than they are.


  3. dan mcenroe says:

    Funny thing … I don’t know a single parent who likes these ‘zero tolerance’ policies. I certainly don’t. Maybe my social circle isn’t batshit enough, but still – who actually asked for this lunacy?


  4. montag says:

    One more indication of a sick society. We let the authoritarians in, let them dictate terms, make the definitions of what is acceptable, and what’s not, and this sort of thing is the inevitable result.
    We haven’t started assassinating jaywalkers yet, but, we tolerate tasing them…


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