Saintsmania: Drew’s Fence, Seabiscuit and Po Boy Edition

There’s a big ass parade for the Saints today. They’ll be riding on floats borrowed from some of the major parading krewes. I’m skipping what’s being called theLombardi Gras parade because I’m fighting a cold and I have a horde of company coming in a few days.

One of the things I like about Drew Brees is that he lives in the city: no
gated suburban community for our QB. One of my friends from the Krewe of
PAN lives in Drew’s neighborhood and delivered some Voo Dat swag to his house. She
found out that she wasn’t the first to bring offerings to the Super Bowl MVP:


Here’s a close up of the gate featuring a six pack of Abita beer left on the ground as a sacramental beverage. A good symbol: we’re all a bit mental around here right now:


On to the Seabiscuit bit. Clancy DuBos, the publisher of theGambit and the dean of NOLA political pundits wrote a terrific post comparing Drew to Seabiscuit, which makes Peyton Manning War Admiral. It’s a spot on analogy. Here’s a snippet butfollow this LINK to read the whole thing:

Then I started thinking about other great comebacks, other great but unlikely heroes, and I immediately thought ofSeabiscuit,
the unlikeliest thoroughbred champion of all time — and, fittingly,
“the people’s champion.” Seabiscuit was small, knobby-kneed and had a
funny (i.e. defective) gait, but the little bay colt was allheart — much like our Saints, and very much like our QB, Drew Brees.

A personal note about Clancy. In many ways, Clancy is the personification of the NOLA MSM at its best. He’s one of the few who has openly embraced the blogosphere. The Picayune, for example, will use blogs as source material but rarely credits them by name. I met Clancy at Rising Tide 3 and we’ve become friends. I wish more established journalists were as open minded about the new media as Clancy. Uh oh, I hope I haven’t embarrassed him. I’m known for my snark, after all. Okay here it goes: Clancy’s a good guy but he has his flaws; he’s a horrid punster and drinks Budweiser. What’s up with that? There, I feel better…

Finally, the Po Boy bit, which also involves Clancy DuBos. Clancy appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show in a segment, not about politics but about food. Clancy went with Kent Jones to his favorite Mid-City Po Boy joint, the Parkway Tavern. I like the Parkway but I’m a devotee ofmy neighborhood joint, Domilises. Anyhoo, here’s the segment:

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6 thoughts on “Saintsmania: Drew’s Fence, Seabiscuit and Po Boy Edition

  1. well, he did say that everybody had their own neighborhood bar/po-boy place and that was his local

    Domilese’s doesn’t put tomatoes on their Po-Boys, therefore they are awful.
    I will give them one piece of credit: plain shrimp po-boy on butter bread is excellent there. Best in the city.

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