Olympic Fever

I have it. I have about nine hours of stuff on my TiVo to watch, and just the INTRO from Bob Costas (Costas, of all people) is making me want to cry. I feel slightly guilty, like I should love the summer Olympics equally, like I’m playing favorites or something, but I love hockey and I love figure skating and I love those complete and total lunatics who jump off the ski jumps at like 100 miles an hour.




15 thoughts on “Olympic Fever

  1. I’m a sports fan, and as a sports fan watching this knowing that an event that is live on the North American West Coast is actually tape delayed two hours in the Western time zone tells me that NBC does _not_ view this as a sporting event, and neither should I.
    And yes, its only an hour off here in Mountain time, but stuff I care about I find out results for in advance and cease to care.
    East coast Facebook friends, of course, are no help. 🙂

  2. I love the Winter Games. The Summer Games are fun too, but I think the there is something about the sportsmanship in the Winter Games that is compelling. Except for the Short Track events, it seems that the athletes are much closer in these games.
    Plus, like A, I am a huge hockey fan (go Miami!), love the freestyle skiing and totally dig the sliding events.
    And where else can you see a guy make a moguls run with the Dropkick Murphys playing?

  3. Bah humbug! I rarely ever watch a winter olympics event. If we could eliminate the jingoism, and just celebrate the athletic achievements of the participants, no matter what country they are from, I might be more interested. After all, that is what the Olympics is supposed to be about – individual accomplishments, not national achievements or even team achievements.
    The winter olympics is now corrupted by adding the X game stuff, people doing gymnastics while skiing, or skating, or whatever, just doesn’t do it for me. But, I may watch an event or two before it is over, if I get bored enough.

  4. I’m usually a total whore for anything related to the Olympics, but this year, I’m struggling to really care. I think partly it’s because my cousin Jessica was on the US curling team in the last Olympics, and because of that, I was totally excited about and obsessed with those games. These games aren’t as much fun in comparison, so I’m just not feeling it. Hopefully, I’ll get more into it as I watch more.

  5. On one hand I couldn’t agree more with the complaints of over-commercialization. Nor am I a sports nut (to the contrary), or especially interested in the American medal count.
    But the bizarre outlandish spectacle aspect of it is irresistible to me.

  6. Not a big sports fan at all… but the Winter Olympics has figure skating and curling. Don’t understand the point of curling but somehow I can watch it; then again I like the Scottish Highland Games. Figure skating is beautiful to watch. Summer Olympics don’t make an impression, they happen and I don’t pay attention. Winter games… I follow the schedules.

  7. No need to feel guilty, the winter olympics are transparently superior.
    A., if you like ski jump, you should check out the annual Snowflake tourney in westby, wi, which is in early feb. About a 5 hr drive (worth it: I love western wisc). It’s pretty high level, and because it’s in the middle of nowhere the crowd is all locals and ski nerds.
    As for the commercialization… pretty much any sport at its highest levels is commercialized. So I don’t see where the Olys are that much worse… and I’m less guilty-feeling about them than with college athletics, since the hypocrisy is merely rhetorical.

  8. Any chance the announcers could limit themselves to repeating themselves 5 times?
    Thiss weekend for the combined nordic, in one vignette of the announcers talking to each other, one of the announcers kept repeatedly saying ad nauseum that you had to remember that the ski jumps were only to determine the seeding of the remaining events.

  9. Very late to this party because I didn’t get to see the Opening Ceremonies till Sunday night, but I have to say, my favorite moment was when Matt Lauer talked about the fake snowflakes in the arena making it like a giant snowglobe, and then following that by trying to explain what a snowglobe was.
    Matt, honey, there may be a lot of sad people out there who have never experienced the wonder of a snowglobe, but is now *really* the time to be enlightening them?
    [shakes head in wonder]

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