How Dare You Ruin My Party!

Aww, they took up all the parking!

Attending Mass at Holy Name Cathedral was supposed to be one of the
final Valentine’s Day weekend treats for Cindy White and her husband,
who had traveled toChicago fromHampshire, Ill., to celebrate the romantic holiday.

Instead, the couple found themselves wading through nearly 100 men
and women who had gathered outside the cathedral this morning to
protest the Catholic Church’s opposition to gay marriage and other
stances that they see as unjust to gay, lesbian, bisexual and
transgender people.


“They’re really annoying,” a flustered White said, after pushing her
way through the crowd. “They took up all the parking. And I just don’t
agree with them.”

Josie Beavers, 27, ofChicago, stood with the protesters but lamented some of their harsh language.

“I’m upset by their angry tone,” Beavers said. “On Valentine’s Day,
we should be celebrating love. I’d rather focus on what I’m for than
what I’m against.”

Right. What people should do is protest on YOUR schedule.


4 thoughts on “How Dare You Ruin My Party!

  1. Ugh . . . I started reading the comments at the linked article.When will I learn??
    [Not only was all the parking taken at Holy Name Cathedral this past Sunday, but this one time, one of the commenters once saw A LARGE GAY MAN shove an ELDERLY WOMAN during a clip of a protest that s/he saw on the teevee newz! The horror.]

  2. “On Valentine’s Day, we should be celebrating love.”
    That’s what the protesters are doing, you microcephalic dipshit.

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