This is How It’s Supposed To Work


I’m a fairly liberal Democrat, and during the Bush years, all I wanted
from the Democrats in Congress was to obstruct George Bush’s agenda.
Thus, with the shoe on the other foot, “obstruction” was exactly what I
demanded from my party. I am sure that most Republicans are similarly
pulling for their politicians to obstruct Obama’s agenda.
“Obstruction”, in other words, is hardly a dirty word in American
politics. It’s shorthand for “political hardball”.

It’s also shorthand for HOW THIS SHIT IS SUPPOSED TO WORK. Jesus tits. I mean, I really sincerely think this, that nobody elected Democrats because they wanted harmony in Washington. If they’d wanted that, they’d have elected the Harmony in Washington Party, or the I’m Okay, Euro Disney Party, or the Let’s Hold a Summit Party or something. But they elected Democrats. They wanted a Democratic agenda accomplished. I really sincerely think the rest of this is crap made up by pundits and consultants trying to justify their salaries by making this more complicated than it needs to be.

The opposition party is SUPPOSED to obstruct. The party in power is supposed to accomplish their objectives. And the voters, after a certain point, are supposed to decide if the party in power has done a good job, and if not, then fuck ’em, they’re out of here. And despite the last eight years’ epic wankery from the Bush administration and their fuckstick enablers, I really am hard pressed to be able to make the argument to others that the Democrats are accomplishing what they were put in power to accomplish. Unless you do shit your own self, the argument that “Oh, yeah, well, the other guy would have done more evil shit” is kind of weaksauce.


3 thoughts on “This is How It’s Supposed To Work

  1. But, I’ve never heard Kumbaya sung so nicely. Obama is sure one good camp counselor.

  2. You missed one important qualifier. The opposition party is supposed to convince the other that their way is better. Failing that, THEN you obstruct IF you have solid scientific proof that what the opposition is doing is in the worst interest of the majority of the American people.
    Please don’t legitimize the republican agenda of destroying most Americans in favor of elevating a few.

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