2 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. “Levi Johnston checks in”, of course:
    What up, n-words?
    These are dark times in Johnstonland, my faithful friends. My R&R fund has run dry, I accidentally punched a 2×4 in my wall, I broke my cousin’s Netflix movie by stepping on it in my skates (I wasn’t even drunk), and I got my driver’s license took away for running over some gay ass Canada geese and so now I gotta drive a snow machine to my secret job at foot locker.
    That’s just the half of it. Bristol has been riding my ass for child support claiming the 1,688 dollars I already got to pay her a month isn’t nearly enough. Now she is acting like I’m some sort of big money hustler and she is like suing up CNN and Playgirl and GQ and all the rest to release my income statistics for my earnings. That’s not her business, one, but two on top of being parsonable nomgrata with all these people already I’m fucked extra because my ex-girlfriend is annoying the crackers out of them.
    The rest here:

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