America, Fuck Yeah!

Three Badgers on this team. I may have a problem here. I may be in love.

Rosenbloom, who you should be reading every day if you’re not:

Canada out-superstarred the United States. The Americans outplayed the Canucks. Works everytime.

The United States was opportunistic on offense and selfless on defense.
The Yanks got two goals from Brian Rafalski and one each from Chris
Drury, Jamie Langenbrunner and Ryan Kesler, none of them stars, all of
them part of the team concept that recalls the choices Herb Brooks made
with some runny-nosed college kids 30 years ago.


8 thoughts on “America, Fuck Yeah!

  1. Robert Earle says:

    ..and one of the Canadian goals was from a Badger.

  2. Interrobang says:

    This wouldn’t have happened ifyou guys hadn’t decided that professional basketball players should, for some absurd reason, get to be in the Olympics. I can remember when the Olympics was aboutamateur sport; that’s how damn old I am, and it’s also part of the reason why I don’t give a flying fuck about the Olympics anymore.

  3. Marc says:

    Two of the goals were by a Badger! (Rafalski)

  4. I try to be amused says:

    I’ll see your three Badgers and raise youone Michigan State Spartan (Ryan Miller). *grin*

  5. leinie says:

    A, I see your Hobey candidate Geoffrian got taken out this weekend by the same SCSU goon who knocked out the adorable Chey Genoway for the Sioux. That just sucks.
    I really wish I could have seen this game, but NBC sucks.

  6. Robert Earle says:

    leinie –
    Your post reminded me to go check if there was any news about Geoffrian. He has a twitter account, where he says he’s fine (and then tweets a couple “USA!!” posts 🙂

  7. Aaaargh says:

    Hear, hear, Interrobang. Total bullshit.

  8. Michael says:

    What Interrobang said. Having NHL players in there essentially makes this a fancy, protracted All-Stars game. With the added “benefit” of shootouts to decide tie games. Yech.

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