Evan Bayh, Total Sicko

Yes, the aftermath of 9/11 wasTeh AWESOMEST:

The second occasion was just days after Sept. 11. Every senator who
could make it to Washington gathered in the Senate dining room to
discuss the American response. The nation had been attacked. The
building in which we sat had been among the targets, and only the
heroism of the passengers prevented the plane from reaching its
destination. We had to respond to protect the country. There were no
Republicans or Democrats in the room that day, just Americans. The
spirit of patriotism and togetherness was palpable. That atmosphere
prevailed for only two or three weeks before politics once again

We were MEN, dammit. Doing MANLY things! Even the women. Shit, especially the women.

Look, I am so fucking tired of this nonsense that it took a national tragedy to bring everybody together. It didn’t take a national tragedy. It was just easier. People could come together at any point and do what this crybaby is describing, except for how they’re mostly selfish assholes. Let’s not pretend it’s outside events that we need to make ourselves special.

You know, there are any number of disasters going on in the country at the moment that are serious enough to unite us all as Americans. Back in 2005, in case anybody’s forgotten, a whole city kind of DROWNED. Plus whenever anybody hangs out a sign that says “free health care” like a gazillion people show up with teeth that have rotted in their heads because they can’t afford to get them pulled out by anybody but their drunk mechanic cousin with his pliers and you don’t resort to that shit until you’re desperate. There are neighborhoods I could take you into whereyou’d ker-thunk the automatic door locks so fucking fast, but no, we needed 9/11 to make a bunch of selfish fucks realize that their politics didn’t really matter all that much.

We could have been “united” like that at any point, but hey, just fixing health care or feeding poor people isn’t dramatic enough. Not for Evan Bayh and his Republican friends. They need to be Real American Heroes, and we know from Jerry Bruckheimer that you can only truly be a Real American Hero when something’s exploding.

And not for nothing, but it was complete bullshit. The only reason you were all Americans for ten minutes is that you were all scared shitless. Patriotism has always been a good part old ugly animal fear, and never was that more true than that day. When you’re amped up on adrenaline you’ll hold the hand of somebody you ordinarily wouldn’t throw a rope to if he was drowning. That doesn’t make it admirable in the aftermath, particularly, so there’s no reason to congratulate yourself.




3 thoughts on “Evan Bayh, Total Sicko

  1. Know what else brought people together? The Depression. Lots of inspiring stories of love, generosity and sacrifice from that era. What America really needs now is 25% unemployment, widespread grinding poverty and a wholesale loss of faith in institutions public and private.
    Good times.

  2. This fuck is so annoying. Seriously. He’s the one who had to quit cuz the bloggers were all mean to him, right?

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