Not That We Haven’t Always Done This Batshittery

But it is starting to becomeseriously disturbing:

Sara Howard, a spokesperson for Congress Russ Carnahan, confirmed
tonight that a coffin was left on the front lawn of the Carnahan’s home
residence in the St. Louis area.

Mark your calendars forWingnut Christmas:

Given that 19 April is the date on which both theWaco conflagration and theOklahoma City bombing occurred it’s probably not a coincidence that the gun nuts have chosen that date to stage a“Second Amendment March” on the nation’s capitol.

I’ve said this before, but: I have zero issue with gun ownership. I have a SERIOUS problem with blowhard showoffs who think waving their guns around is some kind of stupendous act of courage in a society that not only permits gun ownership but positively worships violence, like, oooh, it’s about as subversive as driving your car. Way to go against the grain there, Brave Patriot. Fucktards.

And the passive-aggression of wingnuts is starting to get on my goddamn nerves. Just sack up and admit that you want to threaten and intimidate. Don’t be all, “Yeah, I put a coffin on your lawn, but I didn’t mean for you to beupset by it or anything. Just expressing my opinion, man.” Sure, I posted the wrong address for a congressman and got his brother’s home vandalized, but hey, I wasn’ttelling anybody to do anything really. There’s a fine line between plausible deniability and just generally being a puss, and these people are on the wrong side of it. Not that the other side would work for them either.




11 thoughts on “Not That We Haven’t Always Done This Batshittery

  1. Obviously, the narrowly averted gas explosion and the coffin in the yard incidents were taken TOTALLY out of context by reactionary libtards.

  2. Love the post, and the sentiment of the comment, but can we PLEASE for the love of baby rabbits stop adding “-tard” to words to form an insult?
    Thank you!

  3. Yes. The open carry gun movement is all about passive agressiveness.
    “Why this is just about following the law! And I want to protect my fellow coffee drinkers from robbers! Because the cops won’t always be around, but I can load and lock my weapon in 2.1 second and be read to shoot the bad guy!”
    No. You just want to show off your gun and scare the sh*t out of people about how bad ass you are and how you can back up your desire for coffee with your lethal force.

  4. Protests have always been a threat. Really, what the hell did you think was the point of gathering tens of thousands of angry people and parading them in front of the powerful. The message is always this: We came unarmed to air our grievances. This time. The founding fathers knew that full and well, and they still included the right to protest. All of this is nothing unusual. Dear god, you people would have been abhorred at the behavior of past movements you claim to be proud of. You really think the labor movement stuck the flowery poetry and reasoned discussion? No, because that shit doesn’t generally work unless the media is on your side. Thats why it worked for MLK and damned near nobody else. Because there was that brief window where journalists came from the middle class, and were sympathetic to other people trying to get a hand up.
    There’s always a chance for violence. That’s a chance you have to take in a democracy. A lot of these folks have taken things too far, but I saw this same sort of overreaction when it was just morons holding mean signs. I see it now, when a cut fuel line to a grill becomes ‘a narrowly averted explosion’ and some broken windows becomes kristallnacht. Petty acts of vandalism can lead to other things, but they usually do not. And that’s what this is: Vandalism. It’s not terrorism, any more than it was ‘terrorism’ every time some random war protester broke the law back in 2004.

  5. Hmmm, yeah, in 2004 just wearing a teeshirt disparaging Commander Codpiece would land you in an interview room w/the Po-po… This is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT soullite.

  6. soullite: “The message is always this: We came unarmed to air our grievances. This time.”
    No. Just no. That was NEVER the message. You need to bone up on the principles of peaceful, non-violent resistance. Just because YOU are always on the verge of violence, don’t assume that the rest of us are the same. That’s what wingnuts do.

  7. But goddammit, you didn’t listen to ME! ME! You have ignored your constut.. consitent.. constitchens… voters for the last time. No, not THOSE voters, they are liberal hippies with no concept of the real world. Listen to ME, because I am a fuckload louder than THEM.
    And don’t read anything in to that OKC / Waco anniversary thing. We aren’t nutjobs. Waco combined Jesus and high velocity ammo into a single congregation, how can that be BAD? God didn’t put us on this earth to kowtow to some commie health care law. Besides, all that government run health care is threatening my Medicare!
    Oh, and gays are threatening my marriage. No, not because the way the sweat glistens off his bronzed chest like… wait, I mean… it threatens TRADITIONAL marriage. Much like laws and courts and common fucking sense threatened stoning.

  8. I’m old enough to remember WWII, and I can’t remember another time when members of Congress, or the leadership of either major party, actively engaged in enccouraging rioters. That is what is different today. Another big difference today is that we have an African American president. The two differences are related unless you are too naive to accept that coincidences like that aren’t possible.
    Many of us feared that Obama’s election would lead to violence by the die hard bigots that are a far too big mnority in America. My major fear is still that the violence will grow to include killings. If the Repub cowards who are inciting this violence don’t stop soon, we will see several killings result.
    The most disgusting part of all of this is that the only reason the Repub party supports this anti-government violence is because they see what is going on today as a threat to their march to own every last single dollar of wealth in the country. It is all about greed in the end. The living legacy of Reagan.

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