22 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Night owl in an early bird world. Hell, I even prefer meat. (okay, fine, it’s a straight line, go crazy)

  2. Early bird. I enjoy getting up before the sun rises, but want to sack up around 10 at night. This has been true as long as I can recall, after I went through the teen age sleep all day phase.

  3. Early bird…up at 4 on weekdays…out at 9…get to sleep a bit later on weekends, but can’t seem to stay up later in response. Wondering if, when I retire, I can switch them around and be a night owl. Of course, that would be IF I can retire.

  4. Used to be a night owl thanks to having to work the night desk at the papers I worked for. Then, thanks to The Midget and her needs, I moved my classes to 8 a.m.s so I”ve gotten used to being up by 6. I still wouldn’t classify myself as an early bird. I hate being up early.

  5. little of both. love to stay up half the night on weekends. also like to get up early and not do anything, just drink coffee and think about the day ahead

  6. Damn… I have worked night shift most of my adult life now and I have always been a night owl. I think my body is rebelling against it a little as I get older.

  7. Night owl gradually being pulled into sort of early bird status thanks to a decade on the day shift (twenty years of schooling…)

  8. Early bird, and Istill never get the fuckin’ worm.

  9. Most of my family, myself included, are night owls. Which made the army, day jobs, etc., living hell, because I can’t get to sleep early enough when I have to get up early, and if the alarm goes off anywhere between three and five hours after falling asleep, I simply don’t hear the alarm, because I’m right in the middle of that near-dead, delta, non-REM sleep.
    And now that I’m officially retired, I don’t really have a schedule, and my sleep is really erratic. Which doesn’t make me excited about jury duty coming up… I really don’t like the idea of the sheriff’s deputies breaking down my front door because I don’t hear them knocking. And most of `em would do it, too. A real bunch of corn-fed bowsers, they are.

  10. Early. Bird. Fortunately, so is Mrs. RAM, so we’ve got that going for us. Our daughter, however, is still trying to deal after 43 years.

  11. Kind of both, which is probably bad for my health — burning the candle at both ends, I think it’s called. Early bird in that I usually wake up at 5:30 and can’t get back to sleep. Night owl in that I hit my mental stride at night.

  12. Was a night owl in my earlier incarnation, but became an early bird over the years. Natural light is my joy, must be up and out when the sun is shining.

  13. Been working shift all my life. Could not handle working 8 to 5. I get to work at 7pm, by 8 everyone else is gone and I’m on my own until I leave at 3 or 4 am. If I’m up by the crack of noon it’s an accident. Daylight is so overrated.

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