5 thoughts on “Thank God ’24’ is Ending

  1. I’ve never seen it, I heard it glorified torture, which means that it’s basically immoral propaganda. Boycott by default, my time’s too valuable for that swill.

  2. How many people did they beat up? Did their superior ask for their badge? Did they tell their superior that their conscience demands that they go rogue?
    If not, then it isn’t 24.

  3. The thing that I can’t figure out about why conservatives seem to love the show is that — and I’ve only gleaned this from bits and pieces that I’ve seen over the years, not from regular watching — it portrays the counter-terrorism unit and every other branch of government as fully-infiltrated by members of terrorist groups, agents of rival intelligence organizations, and traitors. This is how First LadySherry Palmer (the wife of the first African-American President in the “24” universe) was portrayed in season 1:

    Over the course of the first season (taking place over one day, as each season of the show does), she revealed herself to be willing to do anything, including treason and murder, to secure her husband’s presidency. At one point, she coerces Palmer’s speechwriter, Patty Brooks, to attempt to seduce him into having an affair in order to feed off information from him and report it to her, as she feels her husband is not confiding in her enough. Many of her actions showed little regard for the potential consequences to those besides her husband; she reports that he survived the Drazens’ attempt to kill him with a bomb in a cell phone despite Jack wanting the terrorists to believe that Palmer was dead so that Kim would be spared (however, the terrorists had been informed of the deception by a mole inside CTU).

    Maybe it was “justification” of their tendency to see Reds or whatever under their beds, but I wouldn’t think any government organization as riddled with bad actors (not in the thespian sense) would be something to aspire to. I suppose it’s no wonder Bauer thought he had to use torture; the level of trust and competence among the people he worked with would have been negligible.

  4. darelplant, perhaps they love the picture of a corrupt intelligence agency as it emphasizes that they (the watcher) are pure and the only hope America has?

  5. when i read the synopsis, it looked like a rite wingers wet dream. i refused to watch + boy was i pissed it got an emmy.

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