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Washington (CNN) — A bipartisan group of legislators on Thursday
introduced legislation in Congress to strip citizenship from any
American found to be involved in terrorism.

If the Terrorist
Expatriation Act passes, an American would lose citizenship if found to
have provided material support or resources to a foreign terrorist
organization — as designated by the secretary of state — or
participated in actions against the United States.

Joe Lieberman, I-Connecticut, and Scott Brown, R-Massachusetts,
co-sponsored the bill. An identical bill is being introduced in the
House by Reps. Jason Altmire, D-Pennsylvania, and Charlie Dent,

“As the attempted terrorist attack on Times
Square showed us again, our enemies today are even more willing than
the Nazis or fascists were to kill innocent civilian Americans [in
WWII],” Lieberman, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee,
told reporters. “Our enemies today are stateless actors who don’t wear
uniforms and plot against Americans abroad and here in the United


If we’re gonna do this can we start with child molesters? I’m not talking about somebody who believes a 16-year-old who says he or she is 18, I’m talking about those fuckwads that like 7-year-olds, the ones who will find a kid to molest no matter where you maroon them, the ones who can’t be monitored closely enough to prevent them sneaking into a Brownie troop meeting. The ones with boxes of kiddie porn under their beds and a list of victims ten miles long.

If we’re gonna do this, I vote we start with those assholes, and we not only strip them of their citizenship, we shoot them in the back of the head immediately following conviction. No chemical castration, no registry online, no electronic monitoring, nothing. Bullet, back of the head, immediately, because given five minutes those fucks will be chasing after the court reporter’s toddler. Just strip them of their citizenship, declare them enemies of America (BECAUSE THEY ARE) and kill them. Maybe electrode their balls a little first. Let the parents of their victims do it.

I say shit like this all the time and then I remind people, who look at me like I’ve lost the plot, that shit like this is why I’m not in Congress. It’s a sign I am irrationally squirreled up about certain things and should be talked out of my tree and bungee-corded to a chair until I chill. And somebody needs to do that with Joey here, because what he’s talking about is just as deliciously tempting to the worst of our instincts andjust as bugfuck crackers insane.

Somebody needs to bungee-cord Joey to a chair and tell him as much as he and his friends might like jacking off to the idea of stripping suspected terrorists of their citizenship, WE DO NOT DO THAT HERE, no matter how much fun it sounds like in their warblogger fantasies. What a stupid fucking country this is becoming, really. This commenter pretty much nails it:

Know what it’s called when a U.S. citizen breaks the law? A crime.

Know what it’s called when a U.S. citizen attacks the U.S. Government? Treason. Know what treason is? A crime.

what we do with people who commit crimes? We try them, and if we find
them guilty, we sentence them. We don’t take away their citizenship.
That’s not part of thefucking process, people.

But those punishments aren’t extra-special enough for the extra-special crimes of terrorism! Or something!



11 thoughts on “Joey the Drama King

  1. Not to mention that the Terrorist Watch List – enough to kill any flight plans and you don’t get to find out w/o a nonrefundable ticket! – is, like, what, 1 million people now? TERRISTS! Lock em all up, especially the ones who have them furrin names.

  2. Wait, they are giving the power to strip people of their citizenship to the Secretary of State? Uh…isn’t that the right wing’s bete noire herself, Secretary Clinton? Who, exactly, is this move supposed to reassure?

  3. I’d rather hump an ottoman made of razor blades than have Joe Lieberman as my Senator.

  4. Under this we’d run out of Catholic priests real quick.

  5. How about we just put them in a cell and Droopy can gomano a mano with them. He can bitchslap them with his dewlaps.

  6. Careful what you ask for, @joejoejoe – My rep is Michelle Bachmann.
    As for this bill, why are they limiting it to providing aid toforeign terrorist groups? Shouldn’t made-in-the-USA terrorism get some props, too? I mean, the OKC bombing anniversary wasn’t even a month ago.

  7. CrispyShot,
    But McVeigh looks like me and my pals (and for that matter did a lot of his training here in Missouri – the heartland of America). Ditto for the Atlanta Olympics bomber.
    What really bothers me about the law (admittedly choosing from a long list) is that in addition to the lack of due process, it applies not only to doing criminal things, but even being associated with a terror group – and the definition of terror group is so vague as to include almost anything and everything.

  8. Let me think a minute. Joe Lieberman (Ind – AIPAC & Israeli government) would probably fall under his own classification.
    Israel did not have a non-terrorist leader until in the 1960s. All of the previous ones had been active terrorists in the Irgun or the Stern Gang.
    Wonder what Holy Joe had to say about the terrorist actions of Israel in 1967 when the Israelis attacked a known US ship, the USS Liberty?
    I’m sure that doesn’t count as support for terrorism. Just as much as Joe doesn’t do any favors for his wife when her job should be titled “Joe Lieberman’s bagwoman.”
    I’m sure it is legal, why Clarence “Incompetent Roman Catholic Republican” Thomas’ wife has now set up shop to collect for the family fortune as a bagwoman for her supreme joke husband.

  9. The whole problem with anything related to “terrorism” is that it is a totally undefined word, one that can be assumed to mean whatever suits your purposes. Also, I notice that “weapon of mass destruction” is another such undefined term, that is flexible enough to include an uncovered sneeze. As soon as you hear either of those terms you should start shaking your head, voting “no”, laughing at the person saying it, etc. One of my many disappointments with Obama is his willingness to use those terms as Bush did, entirely to generate an emotion in a listener.

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