4 thoughts on “Oil Spill Coverage

  1. Great post.
    As an aside, weather.com yesterday had a series of maps for the various forces that influence the spill migration and cleanup (like temperature, wind velocity, ocean currents, etc.). Right now, things are rather quiet in the area which has helped keep things from getting bigger than they are. Of course, what happens if the weather turns severe?

  2. Maple–there was a professor on Maddow the other night. Part of what he discussed was what happens if a hurricane hits. I’m sure the segment is available on the maddow blog at msnbc.

  3. Virgo,
    Thanks for the referral to Maddow. Nice combination of what a pick-up in the weather can cause plus some clips on the site of the Valdez disaster 2 decades ago.
    Driving home I hear a news report of the oil industry saying they shouldn’t have more regulations because they employ X people in the region. Maybe I was in a bad mood, but it really came across as a rather crass, cynical statment as they totally ignored the number of people in the region who are likely looking at their livelihood in the fishing and tourism industries as if they don’t count.

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