Ideas in ‘Life’

So America Speaking Out, one of the worst ideas on the planet, has been mostly cleansed of the4chan/Wonkette invasion that made it, briefly, readable for something other than pointless masochism. However, the actual Republican ideas still on the site are just as lulzy, as evidenced by:

Rich people shouldn’t pay taxes since they don’t use socialist handouts
like welfare and government cheese. Only the first $20,000 income
should be taxed.


We need to eliminate the EEOC guidelines that separate us by ethnicity
and race. Having the government categorize us as white, black, green
etc. is highlighting race and this needs to stop. We need to make it
illegal for the government to categorize the people of the US. We need
to become a country of americans not bucketized by the Federal
Government and the Politicians. We never bucketized Irish-americans,
German-Americans etc. The policitions use this method to divide the
people and pander to ethnic and race groups.

We certainly didn’t bucketize the Germans and Irish. We did, however, concentration-campitize the Japanese. Does that count?

In 20 years, people from civilized countries will view the US as a
quaint tourist attraction, coming to see a place with airports and
parks named “Palin”, must-carry laws in many states and towns, bibles
everywhere, amazingly fat people driving around in dually-pickups, 9
out of 10 carts at Walmart motorized, evolution and science outlawed, a
reverse-reparations tax on minorities to compensate real muricans for
their costs over the last 400 years, and every veteran carrying an
official “Hero of the United States Union” medal.

Mike Huckabee, is that you?

People should be forced to provide proof of citizenship, and pass a
short test on American history and government every time they want to
buy food.

I got nothin’.


12 thoughts on “Ideas in ‘Life’

  1. LOL, yeah, my Irish grandparents never faced “No Irish need apply” signs. And my German grandparents weren’t persecuted during the First World War. Thankfully we’ve learned from the past, so we’re not doomed to repeat it, right?

  2. Which American history teat would that be? The one the wing nuts removed Thomas Jefferson from? Cuz if it’s a real test, these fucktards are going to starve before they can buy food.
    Not feeling really charitable for the right wing fuckmooks today. Spent most of yesterday the victim of right wing domestic terrorists who sent letters with white powder to a bunch of gov buildings in the NW. My daughter just happened to be the one at her office who opened the letter and got a lap full of white powder. It was a long afternoon waiting to hear what she might have been exposed to or if she was ok. Still don’t know what it was, but they’re pretty sure what it wasn’t, and believe she’s going to be ok.
    Their vision of America is ugly and hateful and I’m sick to fucking death of them, and they shyster enablers like Palin and Beck and Limbaugh. Fuck those fuckers. It is their constant litany of hate and demonization for the Other that makes these unhinged fucksticks think this is a right and acceptable way to express their displeasure with the govt or their lives or whatever. Like harming a 22 year old college kid who opens the mail makes some kind of grand fucking statement.

  3. leinie — hope they catch the fucker. Domestic terrorists of all stripes piss me right the fuck off.

  4. Thanks, A and Scott. My understanding is they are investigating, and they have some leads, so hopefully whoever it was will get to meet them a US Attorney up close.
    She’s a tough kid, and she’ll be ok, but it just breaks my heart to think of her, isolated because she was the one exposed, everyone else evacuated, sitting alone in a room behind a glass wall watching firemen and others go by wearing masks and protective gear, and not knowing what was going on. She brushes it off, but I know that she had to be terrified at that point, so very scared. There was NOTHING that her father or I could do but sit and wait to hear, and I know how frightened I was, it must have been so much worse for her.
    Opening the mail isn’t even one of her duties – she was covering for someone!

  5. Oh, leinie. I hope she will be well.
    I worked in public health. Those white powder letters are amazingly awful.
    Which reminds me: to all those rightwingers agitating the wad of pigsnot they use for brains when they scream about Bush keeping America safe, what about the anthrax attacks, you jerks?

  6. I think we should just reorganize the Confederacy, invite all these right-wing fucktards to move there, appoint Sarah Palin their president, then build a 50-foot-high goddamn wall to keep them away from the rest of us.

  7. If we only taxed the first $ 20,000, what percentage of the take-home pay would we have to collect from the schmuck working two minimum wage jobs? For sure an awful large percent of that $ 20k if not all of it plus some.
    And if all roads are toll roads, can you imagine having to drop some change in the slot at every intersection? I mean have you never driven in Chicago?? (A, I know y’all have the radio tags too, but when I was there a year ago driving in a rainstorm, it was the most confusing thing !)
    And central to their argument, have they stopped to think that the majority of tax write-offs highly disproportionately go to the upper income folk.

  8. Even though I am not even slightly religious, the idea that people who think like the idiot with the “tax the poor” idea think they are Christians is highly offensive to me. And, you can bet you life savings that the idiot thinks he/she is a Christian.

  9. @leinie: Whoever did that should go to prison for 20 years.
    @sandman: North Carolina here. If you send Palin here, I will personally hunt you down. 😉

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