4 thoughts on “The Clowns Go Marching One by One…

  1. Wow! Civil War being advocated by someone who is, in reality, an over-paid, third-rate, radio shock jock. Yeah Glen, let’s have a Civil War. After all, the last one turned out so well, didn’t it? If it happens, let the blood be on Glen Beck’s hands, and may he meet the fate that Jefferson Davis escaped: Being hanged for treason.

  2. Thinking of the problems with the AZ idiocy law – aka BWL (breathing while latino). I hadn’t thought of it, but one way to settle it would be to grant amnesty.
    But does Beck really think Arizona and Missouri would attempt to secede? Would the folks be willing to give up their Social security? All the federal dollars pouring into their state? etc.
    And does Beck’s money increase when people hear of Civil War and buy more gold?

  3. Really Pansypoo? Though there are problems down South – that’s not reason to jettison the GOOD FOLKS that happen to live there, thanks, though.
    It’s bad enough that America has written off southern Louisiana for the last 5 years and now the petro-tastrophe that is smothering and poisoning the Gulf Coast…

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