Father, II Cannot Tell a Lie


To be sure, this is a pretty minor incident, political rhetoric taken to its absurd extreme, but nonetheless it fits with a pattern of, well, lying. Lying about everything from the non-trashing of the West Wing by the departing Clinton administration to the Iraq war itself, which is now full pathological bizarro, touted as a wingnut success. Pyrrhus is spinning in his grave.

If you haven’t seen it, Jeffrey Scahill ripped the wingnut Iraq myth to shreds on Countdown last night;here’s a link to the video, hopefully they’ll post thetranscript (September 1) later today. It really is a sickness with these folks.

5 thoughts on “Father, II Cannot Tell a Lie

  1. I just caught part of the Scahill segment — it was a joy to behold, in an angry-up-the-blood kind of way.
    Of course, the problem is that appearing on Rachel, he’s preaching to the choir.
    In a sane world he would have said his piece on network news shows and other cable networks…

  2. And in a sane world anyone suggesting “Glorious news–smashing victory over the forces of East Asia, um, I mean Iraq-and-the-surge-worked,” would get laughed out of the room…
    But that’s the standard winger argument, at least when they can’t just ignore the disaster (which they’re able to do quite easily thanks to a compliant media which has also grown bored with Iraq.)

  3. It is more than boredom by the compliant media, it is proactive support in all ways for the party that puts the wealthy and their corporations above everyone else. The mainstream media never investigate, question, or refute anything coming from “their” party, the party of the wealthy, the Repub party.

  4. but the W surge fixed EVERYTHING. delusions. oh, napoleon lied the same way. although beckkk i think believes most of the shit that dribbles from his head.

  5. Beck believes, rightly, that he can become obscenely wealthy by believing whatever comes from his head. And what comes from his head is whatever the knuckle draggers want to hear.

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